If you are in search of paranormal activity then, few places will satisfy your curiosity more so than Georgia! No other state has as many Historic cities known for their haunted locations. Places like Atlanta, Macon and Savannah are among the oldest cities in America, so it is only naturally that they have plenty of ghostly tales  to tell!

Join us as we look a little bit closer at some of the haunted hotels in Georgia.

1. The Marshall House, SavannahBook a Room

The Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia
The Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia

The Marshall House is probably one of the most well known haunted hotels in Georgia. The property first opened in 1851, but was repurposed as a hospital on three separate occasions – twice during the yellow fever epidemics in the 19th century and once in the Civil War. It was shuttered for many years before being reopened as a hotel and ever since, guests have been reporting seeing ghostly children running around, faucets turning on by themselves and apparitions in the hallways!

The ghosts of the infamously haunted Marshall House Hotel

2. Foley House Inn, SavannahBook a Room

Foley House Inn, Savannah

The Foley House Inn was built in 1896 by its namesake, Honoria Foley and was the very first bed & breakfast in Savannah. It was actually built where another home which was destroyed in the Great Savannah Fire in 1889 once stood, giving it reason enough to be haunted. That is before we even get to the creepiest part of the story! When the house was renovated in 1987, the bones of a former resident were found on the property. Ever since the remains were disturbed guests report seeing a man in a top hat walking around on the roof, unexplained noises and strange rushes of cold air passing them!

3. The Partridge Inn, AugustaBook a Room

The Partridge Inn, Augusta

The Partridge Inn was originally built in 1836 as a private residence. However, these days it is known affectionately by locals as ‘The Grand Hotel of the Classic South’. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman named Emily. It is said that Emily died of a broken heart after her fiance was killed and she appears to guests still dressed in her 1800s style bridal gown.

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4. Kehoe House, SavannahBook a Room

Kehoe House, Savannah

Over the years, Kehoe House has garnered a reputation for being one of the most haunted hotels in Georgia. The most common reports involve people hearing the disembodied voices of children calling out for their mother. There are also reports of items moving around by themselves and doors being locked from the inside, when there is nobody inside the room at the time!

5. 1842 Inn, MaconStay the Night

1842 Inn, Macon

Macon’s 1842 Inn was built in 1842 by John Gresham, the mayor of Macon and also an attorney, judge and cotton merchant. He lived in the house up until his 1900 death. The property is now a hotel and guest have reported seeing an apparition that resembles Mr Gresham around the hotel. Guests have als reported seeing other spirits including a tall blonde woman and a little girl.

6. Eliza Thompson House, SavannahSpend the Night

Eliza Thompson House, Savannah

The Eliza THompson House was built back in 1847 for Joseph Thompson, his wife Eliza and their seven children. Eight years after its completion, Joseph passed away, but Eliza and her children remained in the home until the 1920s. It now serves as accommodation and guests believe that the Thompson children are still haunting the home. There are often reports of disembodied laughter, bed sheets being playfully tugged and sightings of a little ghost girl in a pretty white dress wandering the corridor.

7. York House Inn, Rabun GapCheck Availability

York House Inn, Rabun Gap

York House Inn is said to be one of the oldest operating in Georgia having been in business since 1896. Various hotel employees claim to have seen the ghost of a Civil War era soldier in one of the rooms, accompanied by the smell of cigar smoke. There have also been reports of several ghostly children at play, a young girl named Sarah and an older woman.

8. Olde Harbour Inn, SavannahBook a Room

Olde Harbour Inn, Savannah

Savannah’s Olde Harbour Inn is said to be haunted by a male spirit named Hank. He is described as being a mischievous ghost known from dropping coins on the ground and moving things around. It is also common for guests to report smelling cigar smoke despite nobody in the property smoking. It is believed that Hank may have previously worked in the hotel and perhaps passed away in one of the fires that have occurred there.

9. Riverview Hotel, St Mary’sSpend the Night

The Riverview Hotel is a popular place for celebrities to visit and it has welcomed many well known guests over the years. It is also known to be one of the most haunted hotels in Georgia. Room 8 is said to be haunted by a male spirit who likes to mess around with the lights. In fact, on one occasion the hotel suffered a power outage, but the lights in room 8 stayed on!

10. 17 Hundred 90 Inn & Restaurant, SavannahCheck Availability

17 Hundred 90 Inn & Restaurant, Savannah

17 Hundred 90 Inn & Restaurant was originally built in 1820 and it is thought to be the oldest hotel in Savannah. It is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a young woman named Anne Powell. It is said that Anne fell to her death from the window of room number 204. Those who spend the night in Room 204 have reported seeing Anne’s spirit leaning over them while they are in bed, sometimes stroking their cheek maternally.

11. Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Jekyll IslandBook a Room

 Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Jekyll Island

The Jekyll Island Club Hotel is haunted by one former guest – president of the Southern Railroad Company, Samuel Spencer. For years, Spencer would insist on starting his morning with the Wall Street Journal being delivered to his room and he would drink his morning coffee while reading the paper. Sadly, Spencer died in a train accident in 1906. However, that certainly does not mean he has given up on his daily ritual!

Guests who stay in Spencer’s room often complain of their newspaper being disturbed, moved or even folded when they are not around and it is also common for them to find coffee poured or drunk when left unattended! Old habits certainly do seem to die hard!