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Established in 1733, Savannah is one of the most historic cities in the state and its known for being extremely welcoming. However, when the sun dies down the sinister side comes out to play, with tales of ghostly slaves, and dark entities roaming every corner of the city.

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With many ghost hunters flocking to Savannah, Atlanta really shouldn’t be ignored. With Civil War battlefields, historic cemeteries, Atlanta certainly has its fill of ghosts and paranormal activity. Read on to learn more about Atlanta’s haunted past!

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Located on the banks of Chattahoochee River, Columbus has a very rich history that runs as deep as the river itself. From haunted forts, to haunted opera houses, there’s no shortage of terrifyingly haunted locations in the Fountain City.

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If you go looking for haunted locations around Georgia, it’s not going to take too long before you stumble upon a haunted hotel, they’re all over the state. To find more info on the most haunted rooms in the most haunted hotels in the Empire State of the South, then click the link below…

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Georgia’s 6 Most Haunted Locations

Not only is Georgia the home of ‘America’s most haunted city’, Savannah, it’s home to many more haunted towns and cities too! The state was the headquarters of the Confederate Army, so it was a place where many bloody battles took place. It’s seen so much tragedy over the years with many of its lost souls and spirits still haunting those cities they once called their home.

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