Arizona, a state known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities, also harbors a spine-chilling secret: it’s home to some of the most haunted hotels in the country.

In this article, we’ll take you on a thrilling journey through some of the most intriguing hotels, where guests have reported eerie encounters with ghostly figures and unexplained phenomena.

From the historic Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff to the luxurious Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix, each hotel offers a unique blend of spine-tingling tales and intriguing histories. So buckle up and get ready to explore the hauntingly beautiful world of Arizona’s ghostly accommodations.

1. Copper Queen Hotel, Bisbee

Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona
11 Howell Ave, Bisbee, AZ 85603 [CHECK AVAILABILITY]

The Copper Queen Hotel, a storied jewel of Arizona history, has become one of the state’s most captivating haunted hotels.

Constructed in 1902, the Copper Queen boasts the distinction of being Arizona’s oldest continuously operating hotel, and over the years, it has developed a reputation for its numerous ghostly encounters.

Among the spectral inhabitants is Julia Lowell, a former prostitute who worked at the hotel during the 1920s and 1930s. Legend has it that she fell deeply in love with one of her clients, but after he cruelly rejected her, she took her own life in the bathtub of room 315. Today, her restless spirit is said to wander the hotel’s halls, forever seeking solace.

Another heart-wrenching tale is that of a young boy whose mother was employed at the hotel. The boy met an untimely end, drowning in the nearby San Pedro River. His spirit is believed to still roam the hotel, searching for his mother and the comfort of her embrace.

The Copper Queen’s otherworldly cast doesn’t end there. Numerous former guests and employees are said to have never truly left the hotel. One such lingering spirit is Howard, a former front desk clerk who keeps a watchful eye on the current staff, ensuring they maintain the high standards he upheld during his tenure. [CHECK AVAILABILITY]

2. Jerome Grand Hotel, Jerome

Jerome Grand Hotel, Jerome
200 Hill St, Jerome, AZ 86331

The Jerome Grand Hotel, renowned among paranormal enthusiasts, boasts an impressive reputation as one of Arizona’s most haunted accommodations. Its chilling past as a hospital and asylum in the 1920s has undoubtedly contributed to the eerie ambiance that pervades the hotel.

A diverse cast of spirits is said to reside within the Jerome Grand’s walls, each with its own haunting tale. Among them is an elderly miner who roams the second and third floors, still searching for that elusive gold vein, even in the afterlife.

Guests have also reported sightings of a small boy and an old lady dressed in white, who seem to have taken up permanent residence in the hotel. But the true star of the spectral show is the hotel’s former caretaker, who met his untimely demise in the 1930s. Found at the bottom of the elevator shaft with a broken neck, his death was shrouded in mystery, leading many to believe he was murdered. Today, he seeks retribution by playing mischievous tricks with the elevator’s power, giving guests an electrifying surprise.

3. The Connor Hotel, Jerome

The Hotel Connor, Jerome
160 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331 [BOOK A ROOM]

Nestled in the heart of Jerome, AZ, a town known for its paranormal activity, the Connor Hotel stands as a testament to both tragedy and survival. Founded by David Connor in 1898, the hotel was designed to be an upscale lodging option, featuring elegant rooms, a lively barroom, and various entertainment options. Over the years, the hotel has faced multiple fires, undergone renovations, and changed hands, all the while maintaining its historical charm.

Today, the Connor Hotel is rumored to be haunted by several spirits, including the enigmatic Lady in Red and a mischievous Male Spirit. These spectral inhabitants are known to engage in a variety of antics, such as causing electrical devices to malfunction, moving objects unexpectedly, and producing inexplicable noises. Guests staying in rooms one, two, and four have reported particularly intense paranormal activity, including disembodied voices and phantom footsteps. [BOOK A ROOM]

4. Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff

Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff
100 N San Francisco St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

The Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, Arizona, is renowned for its paranormal activity. Guests have reported various ghostly encounters, such as a diligent bellhop spirit and a coughing former guest. In room 210, a disembodied voice announces room service, while in room 305, a rocking chair moves mysteriously. This historic hotel also has a dark past, with connections to murdered sex workers, secret tunnels, and a hidden speakeasy during Prohibition.

Notable spirits include the Meat Man in room 220, an elderly woman in room 305’s rocking chair, and the spirits of two murdered sex workers in room 306. Other ghostly encounters involve the Phantom Bellboy, the crying infant in the basement, and the Dancing Couple in the Cocktail Lounge. Despite its haunted reputation, the Monte Vista remains a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, offering a mix of history, mystery, and modern amenities.

5. Ghost City Inn, Jerome

Ghost City Inn, Jerome
541 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

The Ghost City Inn, located in Jerome, Arizona, is a bed and breakfast with a haunted history that dates back to 1890. Originally built to house miners working away from home, the building has served various purposes over the years, including being an ashram, a restaurant, and several other businesses before its conversion into a bed and breakfast in 1994.

While renovations have been made to enhance guests’ experiences, the hotel has maintained much of its historical charm, such as uneven floors and old-fashioned ceilings. As the name “Ghost City Inn” suggests, the hotel is known for its paranormal activity. Guests have reported witnessing apparitions, hearing disembodied voices, and seeing doors slammed shut by unseen forces.

Among the various suites with their own spooky tales, the Cleopatra Room stands out as the most active. Guests may encounter a playful female spirit who frequently makes her presence known. Despite the haunted atmosphere, the Ghost City Inn offers rooms with balconies that provide beautiful views, making it an intriguing and adventurous stay for those who dare to experience a night among the spirits.

6. Hassayampa Inn, Prescott

Hassayampa Inn, Prescott
122 E Gurley St, Prescott, AZ 86301 [BOOK A ROOM]

The Hassayampa Inn, located in Prescott, Arizona, has developed a reputation as a haunted hotel over the years, with most paranormal tales involving a ghost named “Faith.” According to legend, Faith and her newlywed husband checked into the Hassayampa Inn in 1927 for their honeymoon. Her husband left to buy cigarettes and never returned, leaving Faith waiting for three days before she passed away from a broken heart.

Many believe that Faith’s spirit never left the hotel and continues to mourn the loss of her husband. Disembodied crying and the strange disappearance of objects are among the paranormal activities reported at the inn. Staff have mentioned Faith turning off gas burners in the kitchen, and some people claim to have seen her spirit as a translucent shadow wearing a pink gown, sometimes holding a bouquet of flowers.

The most frequent sightings of Faith occur in the Grand Balcony Suite, Room 426, where she is said to have committed suicide. Guests have reported cold spots, the scent of flowers, and a variety of emotionally charged encounters with Faith’s spirit. These include the radio and television suddenly turning on at full volume, lights turning on, and bathroom faucets running.

In addition to Faith, there have been sightings of two other ghosts at the Hassayampa Inn: a young East Asian boy, around six years old, who haunts the laundry room, and a ghost known as the “Night Watchman,” an old man dressed in Old Western clothing, who has been spotted around the Peacock Room. The staff at the Hassayampa Inn have come to terms with these spirits and continue to work alongside them, albeit cautiously. [BOOK A ROOM]

7. Weatherford Hotel, Flagstaff

Weatherford Hotel Flagstaff
23 N Leroux St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001 [BOOK A ROOM]

Room 55 at the Weatherford Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona, was infamous for strange occurrences until it was taken out of the occupancy rotation and turned into a broom closet. Before its conversion, Room 55 was known for cold spots and flickering lights. In one instance, an amateur photographer’s camera burst open and film spilled out while attempting to take a photo of the room.

The Weatherford Hotel is believed to be haunted based on the experiences of numerous guests and employees. Staff members are receptive to supernatural occurrences and even offer a 10% discount off dinners if visitors share their paranormal experiences.

One haunting at the hotel involves Room 54, which was once reserved by a couple on their honeymoon in the 1930s. Depending on the version of the story, the couple either experienced a tragic accident or a heated argument that led to a murder-suicide. Angry voices have been heard arguing from the storage closet that was once Room 54, despite it always being empty.

Other ghosts reported at the Weatherford Hotel include a murdered bootlegger, a ghost girl named Matilda, a prankish ghost boy named Alginon, and a spirit in the Zane Grey Ballroom. The hotel’s history includes notable guests like Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Moran, William Randolph Hearst, and author Zane Grey.

Today, the Weatherford Hotel offers fine dining with its three pubs: Charly’s, the Gopher Hole, and the Exchange. It also hosts its own special New Year’s Eve Ceremony called “The Great Pinecone Drop.” If you’re seeking a thrilling, spooky experience, consider booking a room on the third floor or exploring the hotel’s basement. [BOOK A ROOM]

8. Bisbee Grand Hotel, Bisbee

Bisbee Grand Hotel, Bisbee
61 Main St, Bisbee, AZ 85603 [CHECK AVAILABILITY]

The Bisbee Grand Hotel, a historic establishment with over 100 years of history, has become known not only for its stunning antique decorations and comfortable accommodations but also for its resident ghostly inhabitants. This hotel, originally constructed for visiting mining executives, now boasts an eerie charm that has attracted the attention of guests and paranormal enthusiasts alike.

One of the most frequently reported supernatural occurrences involves a young woman dressed in Victorian-era attire. She has been spotted holding a tray and appearing in rooms 2 or 3. Additionally, guests have reported hearing the chilling sound of a piano playing by itself, adding to the hotel’s spooky ambiance.

A guest in the Victorian Suite shared their spine-tingling experience in a 5-star TripAdvisor review from April 2019. While they praised the hotel’s staff, bar, and room, they also recounted unusual events during their stay. At around 4 am, the guest was in the bathroom when they heard a rock slowly move, causing the door to close.

Later, their sleep was interrupted by their girlfriend’s panicked yelling, claiming that something had shaken the bed and was seen running from the double doors to the side of the bed. Despite their positive review, the guest expressed uncertainty about staying at the Bisbee Grand Hotel again due to these unsettling incidents. [CHECK AVAILABILITY]

9. Hotel Congress, Tucson

Hotel Congress, Tucson
311 E Congress St, Tucson, AZ 85701, [SPEND THE NIGHT]

Welcome to the Hotel Congress in Tucson, where history meets spectral charm! This one-of-a-kind hotel, built in 1919, has seen over a century of fascinating events unfold within its walls. Not only did it survive Prohibition and a massive fire, but it also served as a hideout for the notorious John Dillinger. Nowadays, the Hotel Congress offers a lively atmosphere for locals and visitors alike, with a bar, club, and cafe.

As for things that go bump in the night, the Hotel Congress is considered one of the most haunted locations in the U.S. Paranormal experts and frightened guests report countless ghostly sightings, particularly on the second floor. The hotel’s owners, Richard and Shana Oseran, claim their ghostly residents aren’t your typical apparitions; they appear as solid people but vanish when you look directly at them. Guests often feel queasy or uncomfortable, as if they’re being watched or hear eerie sounds in the hallways.

Some of the most famous ghosts include Vince, a long-term resident and handyman who still “fixes” things with butter knives; a young boy and girl who play in the halls; a dapper gangster named T.S.; and a mysterious woman in black who haunts the lobby staircase, leaving behind a lingering scent of roses.

Room 242, however, is the pièce de résistance for paranormal activity. A woman who shot herself during a standoff with police reportedly haunts the room, creating cold spots, dark shadows, and sending chills down guests’ spines. She’s been known to appear as a misty cloud, whisper in ears, and even stand at the foot of the bed, causing many guests to flee in fright.

Could the Hotel Congress be a space-time vortex? Some guests claim to see old Tucson, complete with horse-drawn carriages and steam engines, outside their windows. Whether you’re a history buff, a ghost hunter, or just in need of a stiff drink, the Hotel Congress offers an unforgettable experience! [SPEND THE NIGHT]

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10. Gadsden Hotel, Douglas

Gadsden Hotel, Douglas
1046 G Ave, Douglas, AZ 85607 [SEE PRICES]

The Gadsden Hotel in Douglas, Arizona, is an intriguing destination, steeped in history and paranormal activity. Since its opening in 1907 and reopening in 1929 after a fire, the hotel has been known for its stunning lobby featuring Tiffany’s stained glass, ornate gold moldings, and a grand marble staircase. Legend has it that Pancho Villa rode his horse up this staircase, chipping the seventh step.

A haven for ghost hunters, the Gadsden Hotel’s most haunted room, 333, is said to be inhabited by a young boy who fell out of the window. Visitors have reported strange occurrences, such as knocking sounds, TVs turning on and off, and feeling the presence of someone laying down beside them in bed.

One TripAdvisor review from August 2015 detailed a guest hearing a young indigenous child singing and footsteps on the unoccupied third or fourth floors. The hotel has also been a popular filming location for Western movies, and even Charlie Sheen made an appearance for the film “Terminal Velocity.”. [SEE PRICES]

11. Hotel San Carlos, Phoenix

Hotel San Carlos, Phoenix
202 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004, [BOOK A ROOM]

The Hotel San Carlos in downtown Phoenix is not only known for its historic charm but also for its resident ghosts who love a good haunting. Built in 1928 on what used to be Native American worshipping grounds and an elementary school, this luxurious hotel had all the bells and whistles of the time – elevators, air conditioning, and chilled water in the rooms, oh my! It became a playground for celebs like Marilyn Monroe and Gene Autry, who probably had no idea they were sharing the limelight with some rather spooky roommates.

The star of this haunted show is the lovely Leone Jensen, who tragically committed suicide just months after the hotel’s opening. Her ghost is said to appear as a white apparition, casually roaming the seventh and third floors as if she’s still looking for room service. Guests also report encountering spirited children, who could either be reminiscing about their old school days or might be victims of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Either way, they’re not shy about making their presence known with phantom ball games and eerie crying.

Despite the spirited atmosphere, or perhaps because of it, the Hotel San Carlos remains a popular choice for travelers seeking vintage architecture, original fixtures, and a prime location. After all, who wouldn’t want to add “sharing a hotel with ghosts” to their list of vacation stories? Just remember to leave a tip for housekeeping – and the ghosts. [BOOK A ROOM]

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12. El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon

El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon
9 Village Loop Drive, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

Perched on a bluff just 20 feet from the South Rim, the El Tovar Hotel has been catering to thrill-seekers, adventurers, and the occasional specter since its opening in 1905. This historic hotel, once the epitome of luxury in the unforgiving wilderness, has seen countless guests come and go, but some apparently couldn’t bring themselves to leave.

Ghostly sightings at the El Tovar Hotel include a phantom figure who frequents a mysterious gravestone outside the hotel, which simply reads “Pirl A. Ward: 1879-1934.” Pirl’s identity is a bit of a mystery, with some suggesting they were a cowboy or perhaps one of the famed “Harvey girls” who lived and worked on the property. Regardless, this caped figure has been spotted paying their respects before vanishing behind the Hopi House.

Fred Harvey, the hotel’s founder, is also rumored to still grace the halls despite passing away four years before the hotel opened. Some guests claim to have received personal invitations to holiday celebrations from the well-dressed gentleman himself. Now that’s what we call posthumous hospitality!

As for the guests, they’ve had their fair share of paranormal encounters, from clothing being pulled in the night to the reflection of a bearded old man on a television screen. It seems the El Tovar Hotel is a hotbed for ghostly activity, and even neighboring locations like Maricopa Point and Phantom Ranch have their own spooky stories.

For the more adventurous, Crash Canyon, the site of a deadly 1956 mid-air collision, offers hikers eerie lights and ghostly figures as they explore the desolate area. So, if you’re planning a stay at the El Tovar Hotel, remember to pack your adventurous spirit and maybe some extra courage. It’s not every day you get to share a hotel with the paranormal!

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