Grab your favorite beverage and let’s explore the most haunted hotels in Alabama.

1. Hampton Inn and Suites (formerly the Greystone Hotel) - Montgomery, ALBOOK NOW

One great example of haunted accommodation in Alabama is the Hampton Inn and Suites in downtown Montgomery (formerly The Greystone Hotel). There is a female entity that lurks on the fourth floor of the property and staff are also plagued by phantom phone calls to the front desk. It is believed that the ghost is a jilted bride who committed suicide in the hotel. Staff have also reported strange activity in the basement including disembodied crying and their clean linens suddenly becoming soiled.

2. The 1880 Josephine Hotel Building - Union Springs, AL

The 1880 Josephine Hotel Building - Union Springs, AL

There have been many reports from guests and staff alike over the years of ghostly voices during the night. Strange lights are also a common occurrence in the building. Perhaps that is part of the reason why it is no longer operating as a hotel but instead has been transformed into a cafe and art studio. Visitors have still been experiencing strange phenomena since the location has changed its function!

3. Kendall Manor Inn - Eufaula, AL

Kendall Manor Inn - Eufaula, AL

Kendall Manor Inn is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman named Annie who served as a nursemaid for one of the property’s former owners. However, she is not alone in the building as guests have also reported seeing a little girl on the porch and a man in a tall hat standing in the doorway of the parlor before vanishing into thin air!

4. Malaga Inn - Mobile, ALBOOK NOW

Malaga Inn - Mobile, AL

The Malaga Inn in Mobile has become well known for its swaying chandeliers and moving furniture! It is said to be haunted by a female spirit who tends to pace the veranda outside of room 007. There have also been reports of lamps unplugging themselves when nobody is looking! It’s no wonder this is considered to be one of the most haunted inns in Alabama,

5. The Rawls Hotel - Enterprise, AL

The Rawls Hotel - Enterprise, AL

Guests and staff alike have experienced the ghostly goings-on at The Rawls Hotel in Enterprise, AL. There are frequent reports of children running in the halls, but whenever anyone goes to investigate they are nowhere to be found. Children’s laughter and disembodied footsteps are often heard all over the hotel by guests. It also seems that the resident spirits have particular tastes when it comes to decor. Employees say that when they tried to hang new drapes, something kept removing them as soon as they left the room! In the end, it was easier to rehang the old ones!

6. Redmont Hotel, Birmingham ALBOOK NOW

Redmont Hotel, Birmingham AL

Guests spending the night at Birmingham’s Redmont Hotel may find themselves coming face to face with former owner Clifford Stiles. However, he is not the only one haunting this Alabama hotel. Guests may also spot the spirit of singer Hank Williams, the white lady who wanders the ninth floor or even the ghostly dog who is roaming the halls in search of his owner!

7. Hotel Indigo, Birmingham, ALBOOK NOW

The Hotel Indigo at Five Points South, in Birmingham Alabama
Hotel Indigo at Five Points, 1023 20th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35205

If there is one hotel in Alabama that was bound to be haunted then it is surely The Hotel Indigo in Birmingham. You see, this hotel was formerly a medical building and guests swear that there are still nurses who wander the halls at night checking on their patients.

8. Kate Shepard House Bed & Breakfast - Mobile, AL

Kate Shepard House Bed & Breakfast - Mobile, AL

Kate Shepard House Bed & Breakfast is apparently haunted by an elderly lady. She apparently roams the hallways and will often materialize in the rooms of guests late at night. Most people report a slightly uneasy feeling in the property, but not anything malevolent.

9. Fort Conde Inn - Mobile, ALBOOK NOW

Fort Conde Inn - Mobile, AL

Fort Conde Inn is one of the most haunted hotels in Alabama. Built back in 1836 this is the second oldest home in the town of Mobile. Guests who spend the night at this historic inn claim to hear disembodied voices and are often overcome with a feeling of dread. It is also fairly common for them to hear a clawing sound on the floor!

10. The Battle House Renaissance Hotel - Mobile, ALBOOK NOW

The Battle House Renaissance Hotel - Mobile, AL

When renovation work was being carried out at The Battle House Hotel in Mobile, AL the construction workers were constantly delayed when their tools would vanish and their work would suddenly be undone when they returned to work. The hauntings are still going on with guests reporting shaking beds, faucets turning on by themselves, and strange flashes of light. Staff also claim that an apparition frequently gatecrashes weddings being held in the ballroom!

11. Hotel Finial (formerly the Victoria Inn), Anniston, ALCheck Availability

Hotel Finial (formerly the Victoria Inn), Anniston, AL

It is the restaurant of Hotel Finial which is said to be haunted, but some guests have claimed to hear disembodied footsteps throughout the entire house. It is believed that the spirits are those of the property’s original owners.

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12. St James Hotel - Selma, ALBook a Room

St James Hotel - Selma, AL

The St James Hotel in Selma is said to be home to the ghost of the outlaw Jesse James and his girlfriend Lucinda. Jesse has been spotted by several guests coming in and out of hotel rooms in his full cowboy regalia. Meanwhile, Lucinda’s presence is said to be marked by the sudden, strong aroma of lavender. Guests also complain of being woken by the sound of a dog barking in the hall, although no trace of a dog has ever been uncovered.

13. The Hampton Inn Tutwiler Hotel - Birmingham, ALBOOK NOW

The Hampton Inn Tutwiler Hotel - Birmingham, AL

The most infamous of all haunted locations in Alabama is The Tutwiler Hotel in downtown Birmingham.

This historic hotel is the home of a disruptive entity known only as ‘the knocker’. It gets its name from the fact that when it appears upon the sixth floor and knocks loudly on the hotel room doors in the dead of night!

The restaurant area is also reported to be haunted by a mischievous ghost messing with the appliances and flicking lights on and off. On one occasion, it was even said to have set a table complete with an open bottle of wine! Some have suggested that this is the spirit of the hotel’s namesake Colonel Tutwiler.

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An image of the Tutwiler - One of Alabama's most haunted hotels

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