Many avid ghost hunters venture to Birmingham in hopes of experiencing the paranormal firsthand, booking into one of the most haunted hotels in the city is a perfect way to experience the haunted side of Birmingham.

Join us as we check into some of the most haunted hotels in Birmingham, AL.

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Redmont Hotel

In 1925, the impressive Redmont Hotel opened its doors. The Redmont was ahead of its time as it had water-cooled ceiling fans and private bathrooms in all of the rooms.

Roughly 20 years after it opened Clifford Stiles purchased the hotel and converted the top floor into a penthouse suite. His family lived in the extravagant penthouse.

Years later the hotel changed hands yet again and become what it is today, an upscale hotel with all the necessary updates.

The Redmont Hotel has not only provided its guests with a nice place to stay, but it has also received a reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in Alabama.

There are a number of people who say when Hank Williams passed in the hotel in 1952 he never left. People claim they see or feel his presence.

Other people believe that the ghost of Clifford Stiles haunted the hotel as well. Whether or not this is true there is some unusual activity that takes place around the hotel.

People have made claims of baggage and furniture being moved, as well as doors closing and opening without any assistance.

One of the cutest ghosts reported around the hotel is that of a little dog. He apparently enjoys roaming the hallways.

2 - Hotel Indigo at Five PointsStay Here

The Hotel Indigo at Five Points South, in Birmingham Alabama
Hotel Indigo at Five Points, 1023 20th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35205

Long before the Hotel Indigo was the luxury hotel it is today it served as a medical and also an arts building. It went on to become the Pickwick Hotel and a center for all sorts of dancing, parties, and entertainment.

It was not until the 1950s that the structure was transformed into the Hotel Highland, then more recently the Hotel Indigo. Since that time the hotel has been a quality destination for people to stay when visiting the Birmingham area.

In addition to being a historic hotel, the Hotel Indigo is also among the most haunted places in Birmingham. There are a number of different claims of ghosts wandering the halls of the hotel.

A number of people over the years claim that the ghost of a nurse who once worked in the establishment lingers.

When in the waiting area of the main floor it is quite common to hear the sounds of a girl playing. From the sounds, it is rather obvious she is playing with a ball and a set of jacks.

Ghostly figures of men and women have appeared in different rooms of the hotel. One male figure yelled at guests in one room to leave.

In the room, next door the ghost of that same man reportedly stood over someone as they slept, but vanished when he was seen.

There are other rooms where the ghosts of women appear. These different ghosts always appear quite friendly to the people in the rooms.

In addition to all of the ghostly figures, people have smelled odd odors as well as pleasant odors when working out in the former morgue located in the basement. Cold spots, the sensation of being touched, of people watching you, and of simply not being alone are common.

If you can get past the ghosts and paranormal activity the Hotel Indigo is a great place to stay.

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The Tutwiler Hotel

The Tutwiler Hotel is a grand historic building. It is an impressive representation of Southern charm and elegance. The original hotel dates back to 1914. In the years since its opening, it has served as a hotel and an apartment complex.

Some of the Hollywood and other elite members of society have enjoyed the luxury that is the Tutwiler Hotel. At one point the building was destroyed but then it was rebuilt.  Following the rebuilding, the Tutwiler came back better than ever.

Since the new incarnation of the Tutwiler Hotel opened its doors, reports of ghostly encounters have flooded in from the hotel staff and guests alike.

The consistent paranormal activity, and the presence of one particular ghost, helped the Tutwiler earn its reputation as the most haunted hotel in Birmingham.

The most famous of all the ghosts haunting the Tutwiler has earned the name “The Knocker.” This playful, or perhaps, irritating ghost, likes to walk up and down the hall and knock on the doors of guests staying at the hotel.

There is such speed and urgency to the knocking that people think something is wrong and check the door. They end up finding no one near their door.

Another ghost who seemed to be haunting the hotel was the ghost of Colonel Tutwiler, the hotel’s namesake.

The manager decided that in order to keep Colonel Tutwiler’s ghost from causing havoc in the hotel the staff would address him each evening.

By simply wishing him a good evening the Colonel’s mischievous ghost quit misbehaving and making messes.

A bartender that worked at the hotel claims that a ghostly spirit was turning the lights on after the bartender had turned them off. The battle of turning the lights off and on ended with the bartender allowing the spirit to leave the lights on.

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