Top 8 Most Haunted Hotels in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, Nevada is a place known for shotgun weddings, gambling, showgirls, and high class hotels. It is also an incredibly creepy town if you have heard any of the numerous ghost stories. There are reports of spirits making their presence known either through their actions of visually showing themselves to guests and employees of various business establishments. The following list is some of the most famous venues in Las Vegas. Although many people visit them because of their reputation as a high class place to stay others visit them in hopes of running into one of the many ghosts reportedly calling the buildings home.

Check out some of the most haunted hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada and see if you are brave enough to stay a night or two.

7 - Circus Circus book a stay

In 1968 the famous Circus Circus opened its doors to the public. It is one of the most family-friendly hotels in Vegas. It is also a hot bed of paranormal activity according to countless reports made in its relatively short history. With numerous murders reported to have taken place at Circus Circus it is no surprise that people have had odd feelings, experienced cold spots, and run into different ghosts. People reported to have been murdered to have died in the kitchen still linger based on stories from staff members of the hotel. A child and his/her mother have been spotted roaming around the hotel. Who they were in life remains unknown. 

6 - The Excalibur book a stay

The Excalibur opened to guests in 1990 and has been providing its guests with spectacular accommodations since. Some of the guests that have spent time at the Excalibur have said that although the hotel is a great place to stay there is some unusual activity that occurs at the location. There are stories of a ghost wandering around the 10th floor. The ghost is said to get close enough to people walking down the hallway that you can feel their breath on your neck as they whisper near your ear. There is a general feeling that there is an unseen presence when people walk around the 10th floor in general. 

5 - The Flamingo book a room

In December of 1946 the Flamingo became one of the first luxury hotels located on the Las Vegas Strip. It offers more than 3,600 hotel rooms, shows, and much more for guests. Some guests visit the Flamingo in the hopes of running into the spirits of Bugsy Siegel. There are rumors that one staff member quit her job at the hotel after seeing his ghost on the fifth floor. Other guests have stated his ghost appeared to them while around the hotel’s pool. In some cases, unsuspecting guests experience paranormal activity they were not prepared for in the least. A guest and her husband claimed their bathroom door opened and closed on the hour from 2 am to 4 am. They also heard what sounded like items dropping in the room’s vents. A man even appeared to move past their bed in the middle of the night. The room became so terrifying they had to change to a new room on another floor where no activity occurred.

4 - Bally’s Hotel & Casino stay here

The Bally’s Hotel & Casino that is enjoyed by many visitors to Las Vegas today, started out as the MGM Grand back in 1973. A fire that destroyed a portion of the MGM Grand in 1980 led to the sale of the property. Once it was purchased and rebuilt the property was renamed Bally’s Hotel. There are people who have stayed at Bally’s who say some of the 87 victims of the MGM Grand haunt the hallways and stairwells of Bally’s. The majority of the sightings of the ghostly figures occur on the upper floors of the north tower. Along with the ghosts that appear there are also strange noises reported and sometimes furniture in some of the rooms is randomly rearranged, not due to the hotel guest or housekeeping. Bally’s is definitely among the most haunted hotels in Las Vegas.

3 - The Luxor book a room

The famed pyramid shaped hotel, the Luxor, opened in 1993 on the Las Vegas Strip. Although the popular destination hasn’t been open for three decades it has developed a tremendous reputation for paranormal activity and hauntings. During the process of building the famous pyramid in Las Vegas two construction workers reportedly died while working. Some say that their spirits linger around the property. Other guests of the hotel had more terrifying experiences.

One woman was staying in a suite with her young son. Her son’s entire demeanor changed while in the hotel suite. He became violent towards his mother and himself, he was destructive and almost completely unmanageable. He behaved in a similar fashion in his grandmother’s suite. The mother also recounts a horrific experience of seeing the ghost of a blonde haired woman in their suite rummaging through things. The ghostly figure gave her a look that chilled her to the core. She took her son and left the room never to return. She made the staff remove her belongings because she was too terrified to return. Both of the suites were on the 19th floor. Other guests of the Luxor stayed in a suite on the 12th floor. They were terrorized all night. One woman had her blanket slowly pulled off her and was grabbed by an unseen hand. The other woman staying in the bedroom was pushed so that she rolled over on the bed. Both women were scared, but not physically injured. These are some of the stories that make the Luxor one of the most haunted hotels in Las Vegas.

2 - Caesar’s Palace spend a night

Caesar’s Palace has been a staple in Las Vegas since 1962. People enjoy all that the hotel has to offer, which includes the potential for ghost sightings. There are claims that the ghost of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen roams the hotel as it was reported he died there in 1978. Some discount the sightings.

Among the paranormal activity is a spirit that enjoys playing with the water faucets in the bathrooms of the Forum Casino. A worker claimed that up going to the bathrooms not far from the escalator the water would turn off and on without any assistance from a living being. It is also reported that if someone goes to put their hands under the running water the tap will shut off. These faucets are not malfunctioning; something is turning them off and on. One fascinating reported haunting at Caesar’s Palace involves a craps table and one of Lady Luck’s ancestors. Apparently for a span of 13 months people at the table had an incredible winning streak that baffled the hotel management. At the end of 13 months, because the hotel had lost so much money at the craps table it was removed and burned.

1 - The Venetian book a stay

When the Venetian opened it 1999 it became one of the most opulent and luxurious resort hotels in Vegas. Along with providing tremendous accommodations, food, entertainment and more it also offers some paranormal activity. Some of the activities people have experienced include the moving of personal belongings, almost as if a spirit wants to play hide-and-seek with the hotel room guests. Lamps have been turned on and off that the guests were unable to work. People have made claims of a ghost calling their name during the night waking them up only to have the guest find no one there. Other items in the hotel rooms have moved on their own, such as curtains. Some of the rooms simply afford the hotel guests with the feeling they are not alone.


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