Seattle is full of exciting places to visit from the Space Needle to Pike Place Market and more. It is also home to the Seattle Seahawks football team. If not visiting for sports, shopping, or visiting friends and family, many people visit the area to see if the claims of haunting are true.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 haunted places in Seattle locals and visitors alike can go and explore:

10. The Owl n Thistle

The Owl n Thistle

The building that now houses the Owl n Thistle dates back to 1930. The building started out as a cafeteria, became a Cajun restaurant and in 1991 was purchased by a new owner and became the Owl n Thistle Pub.

It changed hands one more time but still remains a popular Irish Pub. It also has a ghost that likes to play the piano when there are very few people around.

The feeling of someone around is another claim made by staff members.

9. Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery

Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery

Included in the list of the most haunted locations in Seattle is the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery.

The GAR cemetery as it is often called, has more than 500 graves on the premises and has been around for over 110 years.

People who have spent time at the cemetery have reported hearing the sounds of shouting and crying.

The source of these sounds are said to be the many soldiers from the Civil War and World War I that call the cemetery their final resting place.

8. Harvard Exit Theatre

 Harvard Exit Theatre

The Harvard Exit Theatre was built back in the early 1900s and had many uses over the years. It served as a home then the Women’s Century Club before new owners turned it into the Harvard Exit Theatre.

The three story building apparently has multiple ghosts that hang around the building. There is the ghost of a man who calls himself Peter. Yes, this ghost has introduced himself to people that come into the first floor.

Along with those that have claimed to see Peter others have noticed things moved around, such as films, and have felt as though someone was in the room with them.

A woman who appears to be wearing clothes from the Victorian area appears and then vanishes from a balcony.

7. Pike Place Market

Haunted Seattle, WA 1

Pike Place Market is one of the most famous locations in Seattle. People come from around the world to visit the farmers market that opened back in 1907.

For more than a century people have been able to visit Pike Place Market for the highest quality produce, fish, meat, as well as other items and handcrafted products.

In addition to being a great place for shopping Pike Place Markets ranks among the most haunted areas in Seattle.

The number of people making claims of seeing ghosts or experiencing some sort of paranormal activity is rather high.

Some contribute the hauntings to the belief the market was built on Indian burial ground.

One of the most famous ghosts to continue to haunt the Market is Princess Angeline. She was the daughter of Chief Seattle of the Duwamish tribe.

She continued to live in a cabin in what is now part of the market. Despite the Treaty of Point Elliot of 1855 that ordered her tribe to leave she didn’t leave.

Even after her passing she has never left the area. People see her wandering around the market moving as slowly as she did in life.

People have witnessed the ghost of Arthur Goodwin in his old office, which is now the Goodwin Library.

The ghost of a barber who used to sing to her clients and rob from them has also been spotted. She is commonly called the “Fat Lady Barber.”

6. The Canterbury

The Canterbury

The Canterbury Ale and Eats has a lengthy history dating back to the early 1900s. The building was once used as the Capitol Hill Food Shoppe and the Gaslight Café before it eventually became the Canterbury tavern.

Many visitors to the Canterbury say it has not changed much over the years as it still has a lot of the original design features, such as the fireplace and wood paneling.

The Canterbury also has something not all of the visitors may appreciate, the ghost of a man who was killed during a bar fight in 1978.

His ghost is sometimes seen in the mirror near the fireplace, the location of his death. A bartender claimed that the jukebox played a song on its own when he was closing down the bar.

5. The Moore Theatre

The Moore Theatre

There were so many reports that the Moore Theatre was one of the most haunted buildings in Seattle that the TAPS team from the SyFy channel’s “Ghost Hunters” came to investigate.

The Theatre, which has been around since 1907, has been providing patrons with plays, live music, and other forms of entertainment.

While there is no record of any tragic deaths at the Moore Theatre employees and patrons have still reported what some consider paranormal activity.

One oddity in the theatre is a chair in the balcony that apparently always smells like cigar smoke.

Even after being cleaned and reupholstered the smell does not go away, claims are the former owner of the theatre, Mr. Moore refuses to leave.

Paranormal investigators to the Moore Theatre have captured singing, heavy breathing, and even what sounds like applause on EVP devices.

There are additional claims that shadowy figures are sometimes present in the theatre.

4. The Cadillac Hotel

The Cadillac Hotel

The Cadillac Hotel has been part of Seattle since 1889. The Cadillac Hotel served as temporary housing for many people displaced by the Great Fire.

Some of the residents including miners, loggers, and other men who liked to have the companionship of females with less than upstanding reputations.

After many years of providing a roof over people’s heads the upper sections of the hotel were cut off due to new fire safety regulations.

With so many decades of people going in and out of the Hotel it is not odd to hear of reports of ghost sightings.

Many claims were made that ghosts could be seen inside the windows of the upper floors by people passing by the hotel.

Other reports from former guests at the hotel claim that during the night they could hear the crying of a young child and possibly her mother.

Legend has it the woman killed her child and herself because she was evicted.

3. West Seattle High School

West Seattle High School

The West Seattle High School has been opened and educating the youth of the area for a century as of 2017. The school offers students a great opportunity to earn an education, participate in sports and partake in other activities associated with a high school.

Students and staff members at the High School also have the opportunity to meet one of the former students. In 1924 a student name Rose apparently died in the high school when she hung herself.

Her spirit is said to continue to roam the halls of the school. She also likes to hang out with some of her friends from that era in the park near the school.

People have reported on more than one occasion Rose and her friends have been seen and/or heard at that spot.

2. Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub

Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub

Among the most haunted places in Seattle is Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub. What is now a great place for people to kick back and enjoy a few drinks and a nice meal was something far less appealing.

When it was originally built in the early 1900s Kells’ was called the Butterworth Building. The building was originally used as a mortuary for the city.

There are also rumors that there was a great deal of corruption in the city that initiated at the Butterworth Building.

To add to the creep factor of Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub is the fact that not only was it built in the basement of the Butterworth Building but the corpses were delivered through the same entrance patrons now use when visiting the bar.

The number of hauntings and unusual activity varies from one witness to the next. There are some that say in the Bar’s Guinness mirror it is possible to see the ghost of Charlie.

Who Charlie is, nobody knows for sure. A little girl also likes to appear on occasion to patrons in the bar.

Some say if children are around she tries to get them to play with her. Witnesses have seen glasses slide right off the bar onto the floor, have watched mirrors shatter, and even plaster fall off the walls.

1. The Sorrento HotelSTAY HERE

The Sorrento Hotel

The Sorrento Hotel may be one of the most haunted places in Washington, never mind Seattle!

When it opened back in 1909 the Sorrento Hotel was a creepy looking building just in its design.

It has still provided its guests with excellent accommodations over the years. It also affords its guests with the opportunity to possibly encounter the ghosts of a former Seattleite and marijuana activist Alice B. Tolkas.

According to claims by staff members and guests of the hotel Alice likes to hang around the fourth floor, often seen wearing white and particularly around room 408. She is also known to wear black on occasion and has been seen moving silently down the dark hallways making lights flicker as she goes.