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Seattle, aka The Emerald City is known for its stunning scenery and its architectural beauty. The wet sometimes gloomy weather, however, can lend itself to a horror flick, with some dark secrets hiding below its surface, quite literally! Read on for more on Seattle’s haunted reputation.

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Spokane is full of history, with Native Indian Tribes first settling in the area, there was conflict and death when they were pushed out. There have been serial killers, unexplained deaths, axe murderers, and assorted psychopaths that have all left their mark on this East Washington city.

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The reportedly haunted Manresa Castle, Port Townsend, WA

Most Haunted Hotels in Washington State

From the apparition of a red haired woman floating through corridors to a Chinese immigrant who likes to throw plates, Washington State isn’t short of a ghost story to tell when it comes to their hotels. If you’re looking for a unique weekend away then this is the perfect opportunity. And if you’re feeling extra brave you can book the most haunted room in the most haunted hotel in all Washington!

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Kells Irish Pub Seattle, WA

Washington State’s Most Haunted Locations

From Seattle and Bellingham to Vancouver and Tacoma, Washington State has a reputation for being on of the most active paranormal hotspots in the country. If you’re ready to take your thrill-seeking to the next level then a real ghost hunting experience at one of these locations should be at the top of your list!

WARNING: Please check for permission first before visiting any of these haunted sites.

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