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Wedged in the valley between Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City is a hotbed of paranormal activity. From old jails to theatres, the capital city of Utah is a ghost hunters paradise.

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The reportedly haunted Bigelow Hotel in Ogden, Utah

Most Haunted Hotels in Utah

From spirits seen walking down corridors to apparitions hovering over beds, Utah is full of hotels were people have reported these experiences. From Salt Lake City and Tooele, to Saint George and Marysvale. If you’re ready to brave a night in a haunted hotel then let’s look at some of the most haunted accommodation in Utah!

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Utah’s Most Haunted Locations

Bored of your visits to the local haunted attractions and want to experience something truly haunted? Well you’re in for a treat, Utah is jam-packed full of some of the most bone-chilling haunted locations in the country! Grab your flashlight and let’s go ghost hunting!

WARNING: Please check for permission first before visiting any of these haunted sites.

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