Without question, Portland is one of the most popular cities for people to visit when they make their way to Oregon. There are so many things to see and do that visitors always walk away pleased with their decision to visit the West Coast city. Other people visit Portland in hopes of conducting an investigation at one of the assorted hotels that reportedly have ghosts and/or paranormal activity.

Looking for a perfect spot to lay your head after a busy day exploring what many people believe is the most haunted city in America? Here you will find just a few of the most haunted hotels in Portland and the surrounding areas.

4 - Benson HotelCheck Availability

The Benson Hotel, Portland

The doors to the historic The Benson Hotel opened back in 1913. Simon Benson, a lumber magnate at the time, had one of the most luxurious hotels build in the Portland area. Since its opening, The Benson has had its fair share of financial struggles, changes in ownership, and a considerable amount of work done. Along with multiple renovations, back in 1959, the hotel expanded by 175 additional rooms.

Along with the elegance and luxury that is The Benson today, this impressive hotel is also home to numerous ghosts. There are so many that the building is among the most haunted hotels in Portland.  One of the most notable ghosts still frequenting The Benson is Simon Benson. He is seen dressed in formalwear as he descends the staircase.  His ghost is also known to knock over drinks or give disapproving looks to anyone seen drinking in his beloved hotel.  On other occasions, he can be spotted wearing attired commonly worn by lumberjacks of his time. When spotted he vanishes. Benson’s ghost has also been spotted in the meeting rooms.

There are other ghosts that are seen around the hotel. There are two ghosts of women spotted around the hotel. One of the women is often seen in a white dress and is referred to as the Lady in White.

A mirror in the lobby shows the reflection of a woman with red rings and a turquoise dress when there is no such woman around. The helpful porter is seen around the hotel. One disabled guest claims the porter assisted them when they were getting in bed. Once the guest was comfortable the porter simply disappeared.

The ghost of a little boy is often seen on the 9th floor.  He has reportedly interacted with a number of guests. The majority of all activity occurs on the 7th, 9th, and 12th floors of The Benson.

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3 - McMenamins Hotel OregonBook a Night

In 1905 a 2-story brick building named the Hotel Elberton opened its doors.  A few short years later the hotel was transformed into a 4-story building. Today that building is known as the McMenamins Hotel Oregon.

The hotel has been used as everything from a hotel, to a bus depot and other assorted businesses. One thing that has not changed about the hotel is the number of ghosts and paranormal activity that have been reported. If the idea of ghosts and unusual is not enough to draw people to the historic hotel, it also hosts an annual UFO convention.

The claims of ghostly sightings vary. The most common ghost seen by guests and employees is that of a man who is named John. There are those that believe John used to live in one of the hotel’s rooms and that is why he is still attached to the hotel.

The cellar bar, along with the first and second floors all has been reported as being the location of random cold spots. Other guests to the hotel have claimed to have seen a man in different areas of the hotel and they vanish into thin air.

A handful of people have claimed that the elevator has a male entity attached to it. In addition to the ghostly sightings staff and guests alike have had the sensation of someone grabbing them but no one is there.

One man had to check out of the hotel as he felt someone was watching him the entire time he was in the room and it left him with a very uneasy feeling. Another person reported that they were in their room when they suddenly smelled flowers in the air, almost like a perfume but no one in the room had sprayed or had on any such fragrance.

The McMenamins Hotel Oregon is definitely one of the most haunted hotels in Oregon.

2 - Heathman HotelStay Here

Heathman Hotel

Back in 1927, the New Heathman Hotel opened its doors to the public. Not far from what is now known simply as, Heathman Hotel, sat another hotel by the same name. To specify the difference the word, “New” was added to the latter.

There are a significant number of common paranormal activities that have been reported over the years.  People have heard strange noises and returned to their rooms to find things moved around.

Numerous guests to the hotel have reported seeing male apparitions in their rooms. Sometimes the apparition is standing at the foot of the bed while other times the guest reports it feels as though someone was sitting next to them on the bed.

One guest saw what appeared to be a man running from the closet but the man vanished and did not appear on security cameras. An individual who committed suicide is said to haunt the hotel’s library.

The most haunted rooms throughout the hotel tend to be rooms that end with 03.  Rooms 703, 803, and 1003 are reportedly the most active of all the rooms. There have also been numerous reports of a distraught woman in a chair crying in room 510.

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1 - Shilo Inn Hotel & SuitesBook a Room

Shilo Inn Hotel & Suites

The Shilo Inn Hotel & Suites opened back in 1964.  Guests to the Portland, Oregon area have found comfort away from home at this well-maintained hotel with all the necessary modern amenities in a gorgeous location.

Along with providing guests with great accommodations, the Shilo Inn Hotel & Suites also offers guests, and even staff members, with the opportunity to encounter a ghost or two. Based on a number of reports the majority of the hauntings reportedly occur in the Canyon Room and the sports den, which is located upstairs.

People have recounted stories of seeing furniture move without any assistance from a living person. Cups move on their own quite often and lights have a tendency to flicker or come on in the middle of the night without assistance.

One guest stated when he was in the pool he had the sensation that someone or something was trying to pull him under and nobody was near him at the time. Other activity includes the reports that an unseen man and woman, possibly women, are engaged in an animated conversation.

Disembodied footsteps are also reported with great regularity.