Established in 1883, the Historic Wolf Creek Inn in Wolf Creek Oregon is the oldest continuously operating inn in the Pacific Northwest. Aside from being a beautiful old inn in an idyllic setting, the Wolf Creek Inn is also home to a number of very interesting hauntings.

Perhaps the most famous of the supposed several entities at the Wolf Creek Inn is that of American novelist Jack London. London was said to have loved the inn and would regularly make the trip, finishing the novel, Valley of the Moon, there one summer. His ghost is known to haunt the room in which he used to stay, with guests often reporting his apparition and hearing his voice.

Most of the spirits that haunt the inn are well-intentioned, though there is a much darker entity that hangs around the property and haunts the grounds surrounding the inn. Referred to as a “vampire-like creature,” it has been seen numerous times terrifying guests and staff alike for years.

Which Room?

All rooms have activity, though the Clark Gable Suite has numerous reports of a female entity manifesting. Really though, you’ll be satisfied with booking any of the rooms at the Wolf Creek Inn. Have fun and let us know if you experience anything!

Happy hunting!

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