People visit St. Louis, Missouri for a plethora of reasons. There are those that want to see the Gateway Arch, while others prefer to take in a sporting event, visit the Saint Louis Zoo or simply enjoy a night out on the town.

Other people travel to Saint Louis in hopes of doing something far different. They want to conduct their own paranormal investigation to see if the claims of hauntings are true. Below are two of the most notorious haunted hotels in St. Louis. Are you willing to visit and see if the stories of ghosts and paranormal activity true?

Let’s look a little bit closer at some of the haunted hotels in St Louis, MO.

2 - Lemp Mansion

Lemp Mansion

When they Lemp family came to the United States from Germany they built an impressive brewing company. The founder of the brewery John Adam Lemp was a millionaire upon his passing. His son, William, took over as the head of the brewery and purchased the now famous, Lemp Mansion.

Built in the 1860’s the impressive mansion was not quite up to William’s standards. He had countless upgrades and alterations done to the mansion turning it into quite a visual, design, and architectural masterpiece.

Today the Lemp Mansion is a bed & breakfast. People travel from far and wide to have the opportunity to stay at one of the most haunted hotels in St. Louis. The stories of paranormal activity and ghosts appearing are quite extensive. There are many who believe the spirits of the Lemp family remain in the home.

The Lemp family experienced numerous tragedies John Lemp’s oldest son died suddenly the result of heart failure. John Lemp went on to commit suicide. The ghost of a boy named Zeke, a child with Down’s Syndrome that was a result of an affair William Lemp had, haunts the attic in which he spent his life.

William’s son is not the only one that haunts the mansion. The Lavender Lady is also frequently spotted around the mansion. She was the wife of William Lemp and she had a tremendous appreciation for all things lavender. She is frequently spotted on the second floor. It is not uncommon for people passing by the outside of the house to see her looking out one of the windows on the second floor.

In addition to seeing the Lavender Lady people have seen numerous shadow figures in the mansion as well as on the grounds. It is not uncommon to see a shadow figure walking towards the carriage house.

The Lemp Mansion is also home to a wide variety of unexplained paranormal activity. It is not uncommon for people to experience problems with electrical devices or wander across cold spots.

Numerous ghost hunters who have stayed or explored the mansion have recorded a variety of disembodied voices that sound like everything from a child’s voice to a man’s voice. Furthermore, people have smelled what they imagined was a cigar or a man’s cologne.

There is the unnerving feeling that people are being watched as well as countless stories of people claiming they were touched. There are so many unexplained stories, there is no doubt Lemp Mansion is one of the most places in the country!

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1 - The Lehmann HouseBOOK NOW

The Lehmann House

The Lehmann House in St. Louis was a private home when it was first built back in 1893. The most famous owners of the home were attorney Frederick Lehmann and his wife, Nora. The couple lived in the home for many years prior to his death.

After that numerous people owned the mansion before it was left in a state of utter disrepair. Fortunately for the historical home, it was purchased and renovated bringing the 10,000 sq. ft. home back to its original glory. Today the home is a popular bed & breakfast. It is also considered one of the most haunted hotels in St. Louis.

One of the most common claims made of the Lehmann House is that the original owner, Edward S. Rowse, haunts the home. Many claim that his ghost is often seen, and felt, in his former bedroom.

Other guests to the home have managed to record a woman’s voice on an EVP recorder. In some clips the woman appears to be shocked, while in others she is whispering.

Even without a recorder people staying at the Lehmann House have reported that they have heard the voices of people talking when no one alive was speaking and/or no one else was present in the area.

There are also claims that people have spotted shadow figures around the home and property. Unexplained banging sounds are heard and reported by guests regularly. It is not uncommon for the odd sounds and an unsettling feeling to awaken guests during the night while staying in one of the rooms at the Lehmann House bed & breakfast.