A haunted hotspot where numerous visitors have reported unusual occurrences, the Lakeview Cemetery in Buhl opened in 1913 and still exists until today. It’s certainly one of the most haunted cemeteries in America!

If you are courageous and daring, the cemetery deserves one visit in a lifetime.

One of the most frequently reported ghosts in the cemetery is that of a man who is dressed in clothing resembling that of the 1920s. He is believed to be one of the cemetery’s gatekeepers. He can be seen walking among the gravestones. There are also the apparitions of a white misty figure which can be seen jogging across the nearby dirt road.  Many apparitions in the cemetery have been caught on tape and on film.

The cemetery’s most active location is where a large shrine of Christ stands. People have reported feeling uncomfortable in the area. They felt as if they were being scrutinized. Footsteps can be heard, as well as disembodied voices. There have also been sightings of flashes of light as well as gray mist. There are also unidentifiable odors and strange smells.

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Brief History

Burials in Lakeview Cemetery began in 1913 at about the same time when Shaw Hospital was built. The hospital housed people who were sick with mental illnesses and tuberculosis. When these patients died, there was no budget to bury them properly so they were buried in what is called the Potter’s Field. These patients were buried without names. All they had was a simple cross made from cast-iron. Potter’s Field is located just next to the Lakeview Cemetery. Lakeview Cemetery is surrounded by forests on all sides.