Duluth is one of Minnesota’s major port cities and it is the largest metropolitan area on the shores of Lake Superior.

One of the city’s claims to fame is that it is apparently the birthplace of ‘Pie a la mode’ – which is pie served with a scoop of ice cream to the uninitiated!

However, Duluth is also known as something of a hot bed of paranormal activity.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most haunted places in Duluth, MN.

8 - Duluth Denfeld Auditorium

Duluth Denfeld Auditorium

One of the most haunted places in Duluth MN is said to be Duluth Denfeld Auditorium.

The story linked to this location says that a former teacher at the school died there and is still lingering. This is the spirit that is said to hang out backstage, often re-arranging backdrops and messing with scripts, props and costumes.

There are also reports of disembodied voices backstage and if anything is left on the stage overnight, it is almost always tidied away the following morning.

However, the teacher is likely not the only spirit here. It is also said that several students have committed suicide here, both under the stage and by throwing themselves from the balcony!

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7 - The William A. Irvin

The William A. Irvin

The William A. Irvin is another spot that is said to be one of the most haunted places in Duluth. It is best known for being a haunted attraction with live actors over the Halloween season, but few people realize that it is genuinely haunted too!

The most common sighting that employees relate is that a lady in white has been seen walking around the ship. She is usually up on deck and is dressed in period clothing.

Nobody has ever identified who she is or why she is tied to the vessel.

There is also said to be a former captain who is still overseeing his ship. He is most often seen in the captain’s chair and is said to be angry that the ship remains in the dock and is no longer seaworthy.

Another two men are haunting the ship. One stays at the front of the ship and apparently does not understand what has happened to him, while the other sticks to the rear of the ship and has confirmed that he died after falling from a ladder.

This man’s remaining family have confirmed that this is how he died, but say that there was always something untoward about his death which could be why he has stayed here.

6 - Enger Tower

Enger Tower

One of the most well known haunted places in Duluth MN is Enger Tower. There is a local legend that a man committed suicide in 1948 by jumping head first off of the fifth level of Enger Tower.

He died immediately upon impact and although his corpse was discovered just a few hours later he was never actually identified. Perhaps this is why he feels bound to the tower where he died.

Visitors to Enger Tower say that they have seen the man on the 5th floor of the tower before they enter.

However, when they reach the top, he is no longer there. Since there is no other exit this has baffled many visitors!

5 - The Depot

The Depot

The Depot has been the focus of a number of paranormal investigations over the years and some compelling evidence has been collected there including several EVPs.

There has been an apparition caught on video walking on the train in the museum area. There are lots of different stories concerning who the spirits might be that are haunting the museum and most of them have some kind of connection to the trains.

4 - Griggs Hall, University of Minnesota Duluth

Rumour has it that Griggs Hall over on the University of Minnesota Duluth campus has a haunted bathroom!

There is not just one, but two ghosts said to make their home there!

They are both believed to be former students who died of alcohol poisoning. The spirits manifest mainly in the form of sounds and smells.

Witnesses have reported hearing moaning, cursing, and retching sounds and smelling a foul aroma!

3 - Glensheen Mansion

Glensheen Mansion

Glensheen Mansion sits on Lake Superior. It was originally built in 1905 by The Congdon Family and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

However, it is a house that has seen its share of tragedy. The ghost of Elizabeth Congdon is said to be wandering the mansion messing around with the lights.

The library is apparently a hotspot, perhaps because Elizabeth loved to read throughout her life. Many visitors have reported seeing a hazy white mist drifting between the stacks.

There have also been reports of disembodied screams coming from the house after dark and there was one occasion when a woman in period clothing appeared in a photograph taken on the stairs during a promotional photo shoot!

The mansion is now owned by the University of Minnesota and regular tours of the house are offered.

2 - Duluth International Airport

When you think about haunted places, an Airport is not the first place that you would usually think of! However, that does not change the fact that Duluth International Airport is one of the most haunted places in Duluth MN.

It is haunted by the ghost of a lady who was murdered nearby. Security guards have seen the woman on a number of occasions and she has also been known to set off the security alarms and make doors open and close by themselves!

It has been suggested that the reason why she haunts the airport is that her killer ran there to hide after stabbing her and now she is forever searching for him in order to seek her revenge upon him.

1 - Nopeming Sanatorium

Nopeming Sanatorium

Nopeming Sanatorium is a place that has seen a huge amount of death. Not only did thousands of patients lose their lives due to tuberculosis, but there were also several who committed suicide by throwing themselves from the balconies.

In fact, they eventually had to install metal bars in order to stop the suicides. It is believed that the spirits of both the TB victims and the suicides are now haunting the abandoned sanatorium.

Nopeming was originally built in the early 1900s as a tuberculosis hospital, but it also operated as a nursing home until it was abandoned in 2002.

There is a good chance that there are also some spirits here from elderly people who died in the nursing home.

Some of the paranormal activity that has been reported here include shadow figures in the tunnels, disembodied laughter, moaning, screaming and other unexplained noises.

The hospital was recently featured on an episode of paranormal television series Ghost Adventures, who are the first paranormal investigators to have been granted access to the property.

It is not currently open to the public, but it is possible to arrange tours via the owners.

Most of the people who have paid a visit to the Nopeming Sanatorium agree that it has a very sad atmosphere which makes sense since there has been so much pain and suffering on the property over the years.