Ghosts of Forepaugh's Restaurant

Molly is the resident ghost in Forepaugh’s Restaurant. Fortunately, she is a good ghost. She might be a little mischievous but she will not bring people harm. Molly was once a servant who lit up the room with her smile and her positive attitude. She was very personable and wise beyond her years. Although she was only a maid, her beauty did not go unnoticed. Her employer, Joseph Lybrandt Forepaugh made every excuse to keep her close to him.

It was not long before his wife discovered his penchant for Mary. She became extremely jealous of the servant and soon she was assigning chores to Molly that would keep her away from the bedrooms and away from Joseph. However, Molly turned out to be carrying Joseph’s child and Mary was furious.

Joseph promptly ended the affair, but Molly was so distraught that she mourned and cried herself into a stupor. She went to the third floor of the mansion and committed suicide by tying a rope around her neck and jumping out of the window. She died instantly.

Joseph was distraught when he heard the news and decided that he could not stay in the house where his beloved died. One day he went out for a walk with a pistol hidden in his breast pocket. He shot himself in a remote area.

Today the mansion has been turned into a restaurant and patrons can attest to the paranormal activity there. Visitors are sometimes treated to the sudden appearance of Molly. She especially loves to visit new brides as she is reported to have always dreamed of being the ball of the wedding. Unfortunately, no one has ever told her that she is already dead.

Mr. Forepaugh is also sometimes seen wearing a dark waistcoat, silk vest, pin-striped trousers and a derby hat. He can be seen going to the basement at which time the lights flicker and shuffling noises are heard. He roams through the house in a hurried fashion. He has been caught in film many times usually seated next to the female guests.

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The Forepaugh Restaurant stands in the historic district of St. Paul, Minnesota and looks just like it did when it was still a residence. It is beautifully decorated with pieces from the 19th century. Diners who enjoy good food and the Victorian era go to the restaurant to enjoy good meals. The restaurant is located right next to Irvine Park.

During special events it is not unusual to see the staff wearing 19th century clothing. All the seven dining rooms of the mansion are well decorated and they all bring the past to the present in a very good way.