Located off the Sandy Bottom Road, St. Paul’s Cemetery is just like the pictures you see on postcards. Historical and haunted, it is a must-see when you go to the state of Maryland.

Tallulah Bankhead, an actress, is the most popular ghost in St. Paul’s Cemetery. People say that if you press your ear to her grave slab, you will be able to hear her raspy voice speaking and sometimes singing. Beads, tokens, empty bottles of vodka and even other mementos are left on her slab mysteriously.

Another popular ghost is that of Tench Tilghman. His lantern can be seen burning brightly on especially dark nights crossing the bridge. People have reported the doors of the church opening and closing on its own, as well as disembodied voices and sounds of objects being moved around.

Brief History

St. Paul’s Cemetery dates as far back as the 1700s. It was built in 1713 on a land offered by a local businessman. It is one of the oldest churches on the Eastern Shore. It is not only popular for its haunted reputation but also for its beautiful churchyard. Most grave date to from the 19th to the 20th centuries but there are also graves which belong to a much earlier time.

Visitors will notice that there is a 120-foot high chestnut tree which sits at the path leading to the church. Locals believe that the tree is more than 4 centuries old. Its branches create a 90 foot canopy that shades the entire parking lot.

Although the church and the tree are quite old, the cemetery has been well kept throughout the years.  The church is currently the home of an active faith community. There are 2 Confederate and 3 Union soldiers buried in the cemetery. One of the most remarkable graves there is that of Daniel Cohen. He died in 1727.