Brief History of The York Village Historical Museum

The Museums of Old York formerly referred to as the Old York Historical Society is the result of a merger between three historical entities, The Old York Historical Improvement Society, The Old Gaol Museum Committee, and The Society for the Preservation of Historic Landmarks in York County.

As one of New England’s very earliest settlements, York also has the label of the nations first city! Incorporated in 1642!

The York Village Historical Museum has nice historic museum buildings and has renowned education programs. Visitors have the opportunity to experience more than 300 years of English heritage, as well as get to listen to the tales of prisoners, sea captains, and families who have traveled far to find a better life there.

Haunted Reports from Museums of Old York

During the days of colonial witch hunting, the museum served as the town hall of the village of York. There was a lady who was hung right in front of the town hall and since her death, there have been many reports of doors opening and closing by themselves; cold spots; and objects changing positions. Local town residents would be quick to tell you about a figure of a woman who walks down the road by herself. She is thought to be “The White Witch”.

Even children in the daycare located just across the museum have told of a nice and friendly lady in white who comes over to play with them during recess!