Maine is a beautiful place to visit and offers a plethora of attractions to see and numerous things to do. Many people travel to the area to see any of the historical buildings that are still standing. Others visit Maine in hopes of experiencing paranormal activity in any number of locations. If you are an active ghost hunter you might want to consider a trip to Main.

Here are just a few of the many haunted inns and hotels located in Maine.

8 - Lucerne Inn, DedhamBook a Room

Lucerne Inn, Dedham

The Lucerne Inn sits in Dedham, Maine. This hotel dates back to the early 1800’s. There are reports of a murder/suicide in the hotel and the victims still linger. This beautiful inn has had numerous reports of paranormal activity. Guests to the inn have heard people talking outside when no one is around as well as seeing shadows.

Other people claim that while staying at the hotel they have experienced odd happenings in the most haunted room in the inn, room 8. One guest claimed that her door kept opening on its own repeatedly, despite her ensuring it was closed multiple times. Employees of the inn have stated the piano in the inn can be heard playing when no one is near it. Televisions have also turned on, on their own. 

7 - Greenville Inn at Moosehead Lake, Greenville

Greenville Inn at Moosehead Lake, Greenville

Anyone headed to Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine might consider staying at the Greenville Inn.  In roughly 1890 William Shaw was looking to build a new home. The process reportedly took about a decade before the wealthy lumber baron saw his dreams a reality.

The Inn has had multiple owners over the years but the desire to keep it in pristine condition has not changed. Since it last changed hands in 2003, the new owners have vowed to afford guest with modern amenities and a home with all of its historically accurate architectural charm.

In its history it is believed that a young woman is a permanent resident. Some who have seen her and interacted with her claim she is a very sweet and friendly woman.

6 - LimeRock Inn, RocklandCheck Availability

LimeRock Inn, Rockland

The LimeRock Inn was first built as a private residence back in 1892. The house became the property of Dr. Oren Lawry Jr. in 1950. Dr. Lawry used the home as his private residence as well as the location for his medical practice.

Many of the ghosts that linger about the LimeRock Inn today are believed to be former patients of the doctor’s. People have spotted what appear to be his patients in the stairwell of the inn while others have been seen in the parlor and the foyer.

People who haven’t seen ghosts have heard the sounds of hushed talking in the parlor area. People have also seen what appeared to be the ghosts of two little girls.

5 - Captain Lindsey House Inn, RocklandBook a Room

The Captain Lindsey House Inn was first built back in 1837. It proved to be one of Rockland, Maine’s first inns. Over the years it has served many purposes, along with being the inn it is today it has also served as a rooming house and the water company offices.

Eventually the house was renovated to look like it did when it was owned by Captain Lindsey. There have been enough reports of paranormal activity that it is one of the most haunted inns in Maine.

There are people who claim to have heard people and furniture moving around upstairs when they are on the first floor and no one else is in the building. Other guests of the inn claim to feel a very happy vibe, which is attributed to the antique furniture in the inn.

Other people have heard voices and some have even stated they saw a woman’s face in a sitting room cabinet. Neatly made beds have had mysterious hand prints or seat impressions appear when no one has been in the room.

4 - Chapman Inn, BethelBOOK NOW

Chapman Inn, Bethel

In Bethel, Maine sits one of the oldest buildings in the city, the Chapman Inn. A retired sea captain opted to construct a new building in 1865 and the result was this well-known inn.  It was not long after it was built that a man by the name of William Rogers Chapman purchased the home.

It was not until the 1950’s that the home no longer belonged to the Chapman family. The Chapman Inn is unique in that despite changing hands over the years the basic design of the home has never been altered from the original floorplan.

Another thing that has not changed is that at least two of the previous residents, who perished in the home, never left. Based on reports from guests, staff, and a professional paranormal investigator stories of hauntings in the Chapman Inn have been confirmed.

Based on the history of the Inn the two ghosts that linger in the Chapman Inn lived in the home when William Chapman and his family lived in the building. The ghosts are that of his daughter Abigail and her nanny.

Abigail was an unwell child who spent most of her time in the home. This led to William Chapman hiring a nanny to provide her with companionship and additional help.

After Abigail passed her nanny remained in the home and became William Chapman’s mistress according to reports and rumors.

Just some of the activities people have experienced include cold drafts in unopened rooms even during the peak heat of summer as well as doors opening and closing without any assistance.

People have heard footsteps when no one is around and have also heard a young woman’s voice coming from empty rooms.

One of the most bizarre sightings is that of a black cat leaving a room when other people enter. The fact the cat walks through a solid wall is what makes this most unusual. There is no doubt this is one of the most haunted inns in Maine.

3 - Carriage House Inn, Searsport

Carriage House Inn, Searsport

Back in 1874 Captain John McGilvery was looking for a place to build a residence. He found the perfect location in Searsport, Maine. It was there that he had the Carriage House Inn built. The mansion is Victorian in its design.

The Carriage Inn served as a private home but in the 1940s it was a garrison for army officers. It even went on to be a retreat for famous people such as Ernest Hemingway and Waldo Pierce. The Carriage House Inn continues to serve as a retreat for guests visiting the area.

Due to the numerous reports of ghostly sightings and activity an investigation was conducted to determine if the stories were true.

According to an expert in paranormal activity the Carriage House Inn is definitely haunted. It is believed that two people who died unexpectedly remain at the Inn. According to numerous reports, the owner’s pet Beagle avoids the staircase where a death occurred as well as certain rooms where activity occurs.

People have made claims of getting the feeling someone walked into their room. It is not on common for people to smell cigar smoke when there is nobody smoking. Other people have claimed they have heard the sound of knocking, soft whispers and even music playing when no living being is using anything that plays music.

With so much activity there is no doubt this is one of the most haunted inns in Maine.

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2 - Tides Inn By-The-Sea, KennebunkportBOOK NOW

Tides Inn By-The-Sea, Kennebunkport

Back in 1899 Emma Foss wanted an inn built in Kennebunkport, Maine. John Calvin Stevens was the man she approached for the design. What he came up with was a yellow Victorian style Inn. The gorgeous inn, called the Tides Inn By-The-Sea, is located near the Goose Rocks beach.

Since Emma Foss passed the Inn has changed hands multiple times. With each new owner changes have been made to the Inn. It is when changes are being made that the current owners discover that Emma Foss never left her beloved Inn.

It is said that Emma reveals to them whether or not she likes the changes they make to the inn. In addition when people are staying at the inn, or there for other reasons, if Emma does not like them she lets her feelings known as well.

People who have stayed in her room, Number 25, have said Emma’s ghost lingers in the room. People have felt her presence, seen her ghost in the room, and some guests have even been tucked into their bed.

On the third floor, in room 29, guests have claimed to have unusual things occur that are again, attributed to Emma Foss. Out on the front porch Emma’s ghost has been spotted in the rocking chair.

1 - Captain Fairfield Inn, KennebunkportSpend the Night

Captain Fairfield Inn, Kennebunkport

When James Fairfield married Lois Walker in the early 1800’s they were gifted a plot of land in Kennebunkport, Maine. James and his bride had what is now the Captain Fairfield Inn built on the property back in 1813.

Frequently out to sea for long stretches, James Fairfield invited his sister Polly and brother-in-law, Joseph Lord, to move into the new home. The decision was an exceptional idea as the wives were able to keep each other company while both husbands were out to sea.

After five years in the mansion, James Fairfield developed pneumonia and died. Up until 1991 the home changed hands but remained a private residence.

Presently it is the historical Captain Fairfield Inn bed and breakfast. There have been countless reports of people sensing the presence of Captain Fairfield around the Inn.

One of the first reports occurred when the Inn was undergoing renovations. A ghostly apparition that appeared to be James Fairfield was seen in the basement floating in a dark corner. Anyone who has reported either seeing or sensing Captain James Fairfield’s presence have one thing in common, they all state he is a very warm and friendly presence.