The Ghosts of Lake George Regional Park West

Various paranormal and intense poltergeist activity is reported on the grounds all throughout the year. Many people have witnessed the strange otherworldly fog and strange apparitions. However the most terrifying of all the reports is the apparent moving of objects – many guests have witnessed furniture being arranged in a certain formation only for it to be completely changed after they turned around for a minute or two.

In one particular instance, four kids were walking through the woods when they chanced upon a cabin. Curious as to what the cabin had inside, the two kids lifted the smaller one to take a look to see what is inside the foggy windows.

The kids saw a dusty old table with chairs randomly placed around and folded up! Nothing out of the ordinary there! However, when the other kid went inside to have a look for herself what she found was something very different than what her friend described. What she saw was a large clean rectangular table with all the chairs perfectly seated around it.

Was the girl walking in to meet something sinister or was it a welcoming spirit pulling out the chairs for her and her friends? Who knows. What is certain, however, is the vast amount of paranormal reports coming from several different people of all ages!

Brief History Surrounding the Area

Lake George Regional Park can be found in the historical manufacturing town of Skowhegan. The town is indebted to the Hon. Abner Coburn for its prosperity.  He was the governor of Maine from 1863 to 1864. He also served as the president of the Skowhegan Savings Bank and director of the Maine Central Railroad.

Lake George Regional Park (LGRP) is a day-use lakeside park established in 1992, owned by the State of Maine, leased through inter-local agreement by the towns of Skowhegan and Canaan, and managed for public use by Lake George Corporation (LGC).

As the location is the only waterfront park for over a 30-mile radius, the board of volunteers continue to work hard year round to be able to provide the community with fantastic educational programs, trails, special events, and the amenities required to have a fun experience.

Each and every year the community and visitors (over 20,000 of them in fact) make use of the lakes’ facilities and surrounding 320 acres to enjoy swimming, fishing, picnicking, biking, hiking, camping, and even skiing!