Built-in 1829, the property located at 623 Ursulines is home to nearly a dozen murders in the past 200 years.

Once a part of the historic Ursuline Convent, this property at 623 Ursulines has long-since been home to many chilling tales. After the property was sold in 1911, a string of famous murders was reported happening across the greater city of New Orleans. Once predicted as mafia-related slayings, it seems that a strange occurrence tied the murders together: all the victims of the murders were axed to death. And not only this but the murder weapon of choice, an ax covered in the victim’s blood, was left behind as a memento from the gruesome killer.

Now that the mafia wasn’t to blame, was this the work of the “Axe Man” that many of the people of New Orleans learned to call by name in hushed whispers? With no whereabouts on the Axe Man or other suspected killers tied to the cases of these mysterious murders, an investigation took place to detect for the possibility of paranormal activity at the property.

New Orleans, and the French Quarter, in particular, is well-known for its long history with all things macabre and supernatural, but even this was shocking to the psychic professionals working on the case.

Off in a corner of the property, the detection of paranormal activity was off the charts in one particular corner of the courtyard. Could this be where the Axe Man was hiding from the authorities? To this day, the presence of the Axe Man is routinely felt on the patio to many of the hotel’s visitors and not only this, but his identity still remains unknown.

This place is so haunted, with paranormal activity so powerful to all that step foot on it’s grounds, it’s most certainly earned its name as the “Haunted” Hotel of New Orleans.

What is it about the Haunted Hotel @ 623 Ursulines?

Known by many as the premier haunted stay in all of the city of New Orleans, this legendary hotel boasts ghost stories, spooky urban legends, and deadly frights. Countless guests have reported the presence of real, live ghosts, specifically Maime, who was the former owner of this once private residence. Maime swore to all that she would never leave, and as it turns out…she never did.

And did we mention that this is the preferred location of choice for one of the deadliest serial killers New Orleans has ever known? The notorious “Axe Man” calls Haunted Hotel on 623 Ursulines his home.

Do you have what it takes to risk your life for a night’s stay in the most haunted building in New Orleans? Many have lived to tell their tales of this truly haunted property…and some have sadly not been so fortunate.

“No place scares me like this one does…”

This is not just a hotel, but a particularly haunting location with a colorful history of eerie tales and ghoulish fright. And we promise you, few guests have left without their own ghost story to tell their friends and family! If you think you have what it takes to test your bravery against the paranormal activity, book quick, spaces are filling fast…

Many have taken the challenge and succeeded, several haven’t made it through a night’s stay, and others haven’t made it out alive. It’s known by many of those who fear it as the Axe Man’s lair…see for yourself what terrifying thrills and chills await you at the Haunted Hotel at 623 Ursulines.

*Please note: No pets allowed on the premises aside from certified service animals.


Maime, the former owner, claimed she’d never leave her beloved property, and she has been reported to assure that her presence is felt on an almost nightly basis.

The former property owner reportedly died in her bedroom, and the guests who are bold enough to stay in this same room regularly report creepy paranormal activity, for Maime is not a ghost that remains to move about unnoticed…she demands her presence to be felt.

Guests of Maime’s room have reported that they’ve returned to their rooms after being away to find pillows ruffled as if someone–or something–has been resting on the bed. And not only this, the light in the bedroom window has been reported by countless visitors to have turned on and off abruptly, out of nowhere, at all hours of the night.

Despite the strange disturbances, there has been absolutely no evidence of break-ins reported at the hotel.

Along with Maime’s presence, multiple EVP recordings have captured the sounds or eerie, echoing voices, and even alarming groans. But one thing is certain, these are definitely the sounds of human voices begging to be heard.

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