Kentucky is a state that is well known for offering some Southern hospitality to visitors. However, let’s just say that there are some pretty unusual places that you could choose to say and even more that have some additional residents in the form of spooks and specters!

Let’s look a little more closely at some of the most haunted accommodation Kentucky has to offer.

11 - Camp Springs House, CampbellsvilleBook a Room

Camp Springs House, Campbellsville

If you decide to spend the night at Camp Springs Bed & Breakfast in Campbellsville, then you might just be lucky enough to encounter the resident ghost. Previous guests have reported strange sounds that cannot be explained, phantom footsteps and disembodied whispers.

10 - The Campbell House, LexingtonBook a Room

The Campbell House, Lexington

The haunting that takes place at The Campbell House in Lexington can be traced back to the violent ends of two women who died on the premises. One of the women was stabbed to death on the stairs while the other was shot in one of the room on the third floor. Witnesses claim that a blood stain appears on the carpet of the stairs where the stabbing victim died while the doors of the third floor guest rooms often open and slam by themselves.

9 - Boone Tavern Inn, BereaBook a Room

Boone Tavern Inn, Berea

Boone Tavern Inn is more than 100 years old and is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in Kentucky. The basement in particular is a hotspot for the paranormal. Most visitors will agree that for the most part the spirits here are fairly shy and do not cause too much of a disturbance, but that doesn’t mean that they are not prone to startling the odd visitor now and again by making a sudden appearance!

8 - Benham School House Inn, Cumberland

Benham School House Inn, Cumberland

Benham School House Inn is a unique accommodation option in Cumberland, KY. It is actually housed inside a former high school and there are still lockers and class photographs adorning the halls. It is also said to be haunted and guests say that they have heard running footsteps, children’s laughter and doors slamming by themselves. The lights are also said to turn on and off by themselves.

7 - Ditto House Inn, West Point

Ditto House Inn, West Point

The Ditto House Inn was used as a hospital during the Civil War which probably explains why it is now haunted. It is believed that the spirits here are those of soldiers who died in the hospital. Guests report being touched by unseen hands and even speaking with spirits.

6 - Doe Run Inn, Brandenburg

Doe Run Inn, Brandenburg

Doe Run Inn is a historic hotel in  Brandenburg which is renowned for being haunted. The ghost here is a friendly sort and is frequently seen on the staircase or hanging around in the dining room. He is also known for untying guests’ shoelaces!

(Please Note: Closed as of 4th July 2017)

5 - Gratz Park Inn, LexingtonBook a Room

Gratz Park Inn, Lexington

There are several spirits that are said to be haunting Gratz Park Inn. Among the apparitions that are regularly reported are a lady dressed in a white dress and matching hat, several men and some drunken partygoers! There are also reports of a young girl running around and aso playing jacks. Some guests also report seeing an elderly man who likes to turn the televisions on and off!

4 - Jailer’s Inn Bed & Breakfast, BardstownBOOK NOW

Jailer’s Inn Bed & Breakfast, Bardstown

Jailer’s Inn Bed & Breakfast was originally a jail with a dungeon upstairs to hold the most violent prisoners. The county jail was in use from 1797 to 1987, but in 1988 it was remodelled to create a bed and breakfast. Ever since, staff members and guests alike have been having some strange encounters including phantom footsteps, unexplained piano music, a baby crying and disembodied whispering.

3 - Brown Hotel, LouisvilleSpend the Night

Brown Hotel, Louisville

The Brown Hotel in Louisville was built in 1923 in the English Renaissance style. J. Graham Brown designed it and occupied the penthouse suite right up until his death in 1969. In fact, some say that he is still occupying it today! His ghost roams the hotel, often leaving the scent of his trademark cigars behind him! The elevator often stops inexplicably on the fifteenth floor where Brown and his dog lived.

There are also reports of footprints appearing in the dust in unused areas and people sometimes hear furniture moving around in empty rooms.

2 - Old Talbott Tavern Inn, BardstownBOOK NOW

Old Talbott Tavern Inn, Bardstown

The Old Talbott Tavern Inn was originally a stagecoach stop back in 1779 and over the years it has had a few notable guests including the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Jessie James and Daniel Boone. Some locals claim that the ghost of Jessie James may even be one of the spirits haunting the hotel.

However, the most commonly reported spirit wandering through the old building is actually a female spirit has been seen walking around the inn opening and closing doors, chiming clocks and turning things on and off.

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1 - Seelbach Hilton, LouisvilleCheck Availability

Seelbach Hilton, Louisville

The Seelbach Hilton dates all the way back to 1905 and is best known for its mention in THe Great Gatsby! It is also one of the most haunted hotels in Kentucky. The spirit that is known to haunt the hotel is ‘The Blue Lady’, or Patricia Wilson to use her proper name.

In 1936, she killed herself by throwing herself down the elevator shaft after becoming depressed by the death of her husband. She fell 10 floors down and died instantly. She has been has been seen all over the hotel by many guests and is always described as a sad brunette lady wearing a blue dress.

However, she is not the only ghost at the Seelbach Hilton. Staff also report a variety of other apparitions being seen, disembodied footsteps and unexplained smells of perfume.

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