Bobby Mackey’s Music World has gained such notoriety as one of the most haunted places in Kentucky, that the mere mention of its name conjures pictures of apparitions and sounds of disembodied voices. Poltergeist activity is very active there and people from all over the world go there to experience it for themselves.

Ghosts of Bobby Mackey's

Poltergeists are the kind of paranormal things which you would rather not have. They represent the dark side of paranormal activity. The tavern has since been established as one of the most haunted night clubs in the United States. Patrons have even claimed as to having spirits enter their bodies while in the club.

There are sworn affidavits from visitors who have given detailed reports of their personal experiences. They felt cold chills and a different personality taking over. Some have even claimed that their facial features changed or were contorted when they looked in the bathroom mirror. Bobby Mackey’s lawyers have even advised him to place a sign by the entrance door saying that the establishment is haunted and that the management is not responsible for any actions of the ghost or ghosts.

There are various manifestations which have been found dwelling within the nightclub. Ghost children have been seen and a headless woman has also been caught on the EMF and the EVP. There are some spirits who are menacing to the people they come in contact with. The most entertaining spirit in the blub is named Johanna.  Hundreds of patrons have seen her standing on stage performing with Bobby Mackey’s band.

Faucets and lights turn on by themselves and objects move around at night in plain view. People have reported having their body parts touched and their clothing being grabbed by unseen hands. At present, there are several ghost tours to Bobby Mackey’s Music World.

Bobby Mackey's History

Country music legend Bobby Mackey first laid his eyes on the crusty abandoned building that is now the Music World and instantly fell in love with it. When he came across the building, he was not thinking about purchasing a property or owning a night club. However, according to reports voices were speaking to him and telling him to purchase the building and so he did.

From 1850 to the later part of the century, the building served as a slaughterhouse. The sealed well in the basement, which is now known as Hell’s Gate, was used to wash away animal remains. It later became a casino and a refuge for mob members who took over the place from Buck Brady, the previous owner.

Buck Brady was distraught after the casino was taken from him so he shot himself. There have been reports of multiple murders but it has not been clearly established as to how many people died at the hands of mob members.

From the 1930s to 1970s the building hosted an array of nightclubs. Eventually, the building was used by Satan worshippers who is said to get strength from the building’s evil history. There were reports of sacrifices but eventually, a new life was given to the building when Bobby Mackey purchased it.