Iowa has a wide range of creepy attractions including haunted houses and corn mazes, but if that isn’t enough to sate your desire for the paranormal, then you could go ahead and stay the night at one of the many haunted hotels and inns that Iowa has to offer.

Join us as we explore the most haunted accommodation in Iowa.

8 - Hotel Greenfield, GreenfieldSpend the Night

Hotel Greenfield, Greenfield

Many guests who have stayed at Hotel Greenfield have reached the conclusion that it is most definitely haunted! The restrooms in the restaurant are a particular hub of activity,with many patrons experiencing a very uncomfortable feeling. There are also reports of the lights being turned off by themselves and sightings of a female apparition opening a bathroom stall and then disappearing!

7 - The Mason House Inn, Bentonsport

The Mason House Inn, Bentonsport

Next on our list of Iowa’s most haunted hotels, leads us to what is reputed to be one of the most haunted inns in America. According to locals, The Mason House Inn has a number of different spirits living in the building, which dates back to 1846. Each one seems drawn to a particular room in the hotel.

Room 5 is apparently home to a little boy who has a habit of tugging at guests’ clothing. He also appears out in the landing occasionally. Meanwhile, room 7 is the domain of a man named Knapp who was allegedly murdered in the room.

Room 8 is one of the most unsettling, with guests reporting the appearance of a floating head in their room! The spirit of an old lady is also said to appear in several of the third-floor bedrooms.

There is also an amusing tale about one of the rooms where a doctor is believed to have died of diphtheria. When a previous owner tried to decorate the room they returned the following day to find the wallpaper stripped off of the walls and assuming it had fallen down they re-hung it.

However, when they came back again the next day the sample book of wallpaper was open at a particular pattern and the wallpaper was down again. After they purchase the chosen wallpaper it remained on the wall.

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6 - Hotel Ottumwa, OttumwaCheck Availability

Hotel Ottumwa, Ottumwa

Guests staying at Hotel Ottumwa say that they often hear strange noises, including the sound of heavy breathing when there is nobody around that could be making the noise.  There have also been reports of shadowy figures lingering in the halls. The big story here though can be found in the basement where the ballroom once was. There is said to be a female spectre in a white dress haunting the basement area and there have also been reports of a strange male face hovering in the darkness.

5 - Hotel Julien, DubuqueBook Now

Hotel Julien, Dubuque

Hotel Julien is a historic boutique hotel that is one of the most haunted in Iowa. A male spirit in period attire has been frequently spotted wandering the upper floors of the hotel. There are rumors that this is actually the ghost of Al Capone who is thought to have been a frequent guest at the hotel. In fact, he may even have owned it at some point.

4 - Klondike Hotel, Manilla

Klondike Hotel, Manilla

3 The Klondike Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in Iowa and it is a popular spot for teams of paranormal investigators to visit. A number of compelling EVP recordings have been captured at the hotel. It is also common for empty rocking chairs to move by themselves. Over the years, a number of guests have had to leave their accommodation because of the paranormal activity in their rooms.

3 - Franklin Hotel, Strawberry Point

Franklin Hotel, Strawberry Point

The Franklin Hotel in Strawberry Point is apparently haunted by the ghost of a prostitute from the 1920s. When she is near, guests hear strange noises and generally feel as though they are not entirely alone. One of the owners says that on one occasion he saw a lady in a lavender gown walking around in the bar area. When he walked over to tell her that they were closed for the evening she promptly vanished!

2 - Blackhawk Hotel, DavenportStay Here

Blackhawk Hotel, Davenport

The Blackhawk Hotel is well known in Iowa thanks to its reputation for being haunted. There are several ghosts inhabiting the building, the most prominent of which is said to be the actor Cary Grant!

There is some debate over whether he died in the hotel or in the nearby hospital, but there have been multiple sightings of the deceased actor in the hallways. There are also sightings of two women – or perhaps the same woman – in a red evening gown or a blue evening gown.

1 - Redstone Inn & Suites, DubuqueBook a Room

Redstone Inn & Suites, Dubuque

Redstone Inn & Suites was built in 1894 by a man who made his fortune in the wagon game. Perhaps he is the male entity that is haunting the property today. Guests and employees often report seeing the apparition of a well-dressed, distinguished gentleman. Even the owner has had some experienced where he has heard disembodied voices and phantom footsteps around the inn.