Union Cemetery, Easton, CT

Reported Ghosts of Union Cemetery, Easton The White Lady is undoubtedly the cemetery’s most famous apparition. She has been sighted by numerous witnesses, even by the police force and firemen. Various photographs of her have appeared over time and even equally popular paranormal investigator Ed and Lorraine Warren have claimed to have captured her on film. […]

Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Newtown, CT

Reported Ghosts of Fairfield Hills State Hospital Fairfield Hills State Hospital is a bucolic place but it has a dark and ugly past. The most popular reason why people come to visit is the paranormal activity in the area. After all, it has gained a reputation as being one of the most haunted places in […]

Dudley Town, Cornwall, CT

Dudley Town Haunted? Dudleytown is allegedly cursed. It is said that all the Dudleys trace their heritage back to a Saxon named Dudd. He was the Duke of Mecia and he died in the early part of 700AD. It was his land which would eventually become known as Dudley Castle. The story and curse of […]

Remington Arms, Bridgeport, CT

Remington Arms Haunted? The factory, just like many others, has seen its share of fatal accidents. Two employees fell to their deaths into a giant molten metal pot. There was also an explosion in the factory during 1942, the height of the war-time efforts. The explosion happened in the production floor and causing the death […]

Norwich State Hospital, Preston, CT

Norwich State Hospital Haunted? Several people who have been to the hospital grounds say that being there gave them a feeling of uneasiness. The structure of the abandoned hospital looks truly terrifying especially at night. The fact that it held over 700 criminally insane patients just adds to the horror of the place. The hospital’s […]