A beautiful early Gregorian mansion built on 13,000 acres, Dickinson Mansion faced the St. Jones River. The river is no longer there because it had been straightened but the house remains a witness to the many years of the American Revolution and its former owner has refused to leave it.

Brief History of the John Dickinson House

The Dickinson Mansion or Poplar Hall is a house located on the Dickinson Plantation. It once served as the home of John Dickinson, who spent his boyhood in the mansion. It was built in 1739 by Judge Samuel Dickinson but it was damaged during the British raid in 1781.

The property was also almost destroyed during the fire of 1804. John Dickinson lived in the mansion for just 2 years, and it was eventually purchased by the National Society of Colonial Dames of America in 1952. It was then given to the State of Delaware.

John Dickinson was a politician and lawyer who spent most of his time in Delaware and Philadelphia. He was also a congressman and a delegate to the US Constitutional Convention of 1787. He was a staunch supporter of the establishment of the new government during the American Revolution. The state of Delaware now owns the house and operates it as a museum where the public can take in the aura and the history surrounding this magnificent house and grounds.

Reported Ghosts of John Dickinson House, Dover

Dickinson Mansion is haunted by the “pen of the American Revolution,” John Dickinson. Many people who have been in the mansion have reported hearing strange sounds coming from the old master’s old study. He has been seen wandering around the property, and EVPs of his voice have reportedly been captured.

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The main report emanating from Delaware’s most haunted house is the sound of a quill pen writing on parchment paper! Is this the ghost of John Dickinson himself, continuing his work after death? Nobody knows for sure; however, anybody you happen to ask about the house says it’s indeed one of the most haunted in the state!

Other reports of paranormal activity at the John Dickinson Mansion, include odd sounds echoing through the halls, sudden cold spots, and strange orbs appearing in photos taken throughout the grounds. The John Dickinson House is without a doubt one of the most haunted places in Delaware!

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