Reported ghosts Of Fort Delaware

The dungeons are said to be the most haunted places in fort Delaware. Prisoners were kept in the dungeons and with no beds and no water to wash themselves with. They slept on the floor where there were vermin. People who have been to the dungeons reported seeing full body apparitions and shadows; as well as hearing disembodied voices echoing through the dark halls of the fort.

An investigation team who has been to Fort Delaware was able to capture and gather an amazing amount of evidence. The fort was even featured in the team’s television show, “Ghost Hunters”.  They caught the thermal image of a man who was peeking around the corner to look at them, presumably to see what was going on.

One of the investigators claimed to have has his jacket pulled hard enough that he was also pulled backwards. There is actually a video clip of this which can be found on the Internet. Chains can be heard rattling and shadows can also be seen darting across the dark corridors and rooms.


For Delaware is now inactive. It has ceased to be the harbor defense facility it once was but it is still one of the favorite spots of various spirits. Pea Patch Island, where Fort Delaware stands, has been owned by the US military since the 1810s. The island was seized from a doctor named Gale who had been using the island as a private hunting ground. The fort was built by the French to protect Delaware from the confederates, as well as other enemies.

During the 1812 war, efforts were made to protect Pea Patch Island and make the fortification stronger. Capt. Samuel Babcock coordinated the plan. Seawalls and dykes were built around the island. The construction of the star fort on the island began in December of 1817. The star fort was designed by Joseph G. Totten and the construction was supervised by Samuel Babcock. The project was delayed for years past the due date. At one time an entire section of more than 40,000 bricks had to be taken down and reworked because of cracking.

The first documented commander of Fort Delaware was Major Alexander C.W. Fanning sometime before 1825. In 1831 a fire damaged much of the fort. The second version of Fort Delaware was designed by Captain Delafield. The present fort which is pentagonal in shape was built between 1848 and 1859. It is the largest third-system fortification in the country at the time. Most of the construction was done even before the Civil War; however, it was not declared finished until 1868.