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The reportedly haunted Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone, Wyoming

Most Haunted Hotels in Wyoming

From a lady in blue wandering corridors, to phantom bangs on the hotel room door, Wyoming has a plethora of haunted hotels waiting for the brave souls to book their stay. If you’re feeling brave why not take your thrill seeking to the next level and book the most haunted room in the most haunted hotel in the Cowboy State?

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Wyoming’s Most Haunted Locations

From Yellowstone National Park and Casper to Fort Laramie and Cheyenne and every in between, the state of Wyoming is packed full of haunted destinations just waiting to be investigated. If you want to take your paranormal investigation to the next level then you’re going to want to try and at least visit these places. Be warned, some of them are really creepy and very haunted!

WARNING: Please check for permission first before visiting any of these haunted sites.

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