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An image of the reportedly haunted Blennerhasset Hotel, Parkersburg, West Virginia

Most Haunted Hotels in West Virginia

From an apparition of a shadowy grave digger carrying a corpse, to a young child apparition riding round on a tricycle, there are countless hotels that have some form of paranormal activity in West Virginia. Ready to test your nerve? Book one of the most haunted room in the most haunted hotels in the Mountain State.

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West Virginia’s Most Haunted Locations

If you’re feeling brave enough to take your ghost hunting interests to the next level up, then you’ll want to test your nerve at some of the most haunted locations West Virginia has to offer! From Lewisburg and Jefferson County to Parkersburg and Moundsville, West Virginia is packed full of haunted locations for you to get your thrills.

WARNING: Please check for permission first before visiting any of these haunted sites.

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