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Good old Sin City Las Vegas, home to a wealth of casinos, fine dining, and entertainment resorts. Beyond all the glittery lights and slot machines however lies a more sinister side waiting to reveal itself. Click the link above to learn about all the most haunted locations Las Vegas has to offer!

Let’s explore the most haunted locations in Las Vegas

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An image of the reportedly haunted Bally's Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada

10 Most Haunted Hotels in Nevada

If you truly want to experience some of the most haunted places in Nevada, then a stop over in a haunted hotel simply has to be done. The Battle Born State is home to a plethora of haunted locations, ghost towns, and of course haunted accommodation. With tales of gunslingers, bordellos, and bloodshed, the state of Nevada, is truly one of the most haunted states in the United States.

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Nevada’s 10 Most Haunted Locations

From Virginia City to Tonopah, Carson City to Las Vegas, the Silver State is full of spooky stories and scary hauntings. There’s no getting away from them. The thrill-seekers that want a bit more than a haunted house attraction, try visiting one of the many haunted ghost towns, casino’s, or hotels, there’s certainly plenty of choice!

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