Is River Raisin Battlefield Haunted?

Hundreds of Americans were killed during the War of 1812 and this gave River Raisin a grim reputation. Battlefields have been known over time for various paranormal activities because of the many lives lost and River Raisin lives up to its claim of being one of the most haunted places in the state of Michigan. Several people have claimed to see apparitions of American soldiers dressed in 1813 military attire.

EVPs or electronic voice phenomena has been recorded at the park. Guests at the park have photographed figures in doorways, windows and on the field. Some have even heard and recorded cries of agony, as well as the sounds of war.

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One of the biggest battles of 1812 happened in River Raisin. 850 American troops in the settlement were attacked by 500 British forces and 500 Native Americans. 300 of the American troops were killed and many more were wounded. James Winchester, an American Brigadier General, was even captured by the British. Only 33 of his 1000 men were able to escape the battlefield with their lives.

Wounded American soldiers that were unable to defend themselves were killed by the Native Americans in what is now known as the River Raisin Massacre. The number of dead among the alliance of the Native Americans and the British is unknown.

The battlefield site has been listed as a Michigan Historic Site since the 18th of February 1956. The current park has 40 acres of land on Monroe’s east side which is still underdeveloped. Currently, the park is being developed to meet the standards necessary of the National Park Service.