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Motown is a haven for urban explorers, but what you may not know is that it harbors something more than some of the greatest abandoned buildings, it’s also a paranormal hotspot! From fort and abandoned hospitals, to the typical haunted cemetery, Detroit is packed full of spooky stories and folklore dating back generations.

Let’s explore detroit’s most haunted places

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8 Most Haunted Hotels in Michigan

If you’re brave enough to spend a night in a haunted hotel, you’re definitely spoilt for choice in Michigan. To learn more on the most haunted rooms in the most haunted hotels in the Great Lake State, then click the link below…Warning, if you’re of a nervous disposition, we’d recommend booking with a friend or two!

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Michigan’s 6 Most Haunted Locations

If you’re a paranormal enthusiast looking to experience something scary in the Wolverine State then you’re in luck. Michigan is home to a wide range of haunted locations, some of which are regarded as the most haunted in the country! Before visiting any of the location we mention, please be sure it’s legal to do so. Let’s have some spooky fun shall we?

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