Abilene, a town in Kansas, has its fair share of history. According to some people, the old west still lives there, including the spirits of people who have not found rest until now. If you are someone who wishes to learn about the history and about its ghosts, Old Abilene is waiting.

For years Abilene has been believed to be the most haunted town in Kansas. A lot of evidence has been uncovered pointing to paranormal activities. There are quite a few ghost tours conducted for enthusiasts and people who have joined these tours have captured photos at several locations. This is the reason why it is suggested by tours for participants to always bring a camera or camcorder with them.

Visitors who have been to Old Abilene have reported being touched by unseen hands, cold spots, and apparitions of cowboys and other townsfolk of the past.  Disembodied voices have also been heard in different places of the town.

Brief History

Established in 1857 by Timothy Hersey and originally called Mud Creek, the town’s name was changed to Abilene in 1860. The town quickly grew with the Kansas Pacific Railway and by the purchase of 250 acres of land by Joseph McCoy who helped create numerous jobs in town. In 1892, Dwight Eisenhower and his family moved into town and it is where he spent his elementary and high school days.

Most of the buildings which you can see in Old Abilene Town today are the original buildings back in the days of Wild Bill Hickok and Tom Smith.  They have been deemed haunted based on the evidence collected by many people, both investigators, and non-investigators over many years.

Today Old Abilene Town features living history from the days of gunfights and cowboys. Visitors can see Can-Can girls dancing on Main Street and enjoy ice-cold sasparillas. Specially handcrafted items can be purchased from the General Store and there are lunch specials to enjoy at Hitching Post Restaurant.

Governed by the Historic Abilene Inc. Board of Directors, the goal is to bring life back to Old Abilene Town and restore it to the fully functioning place that it was before. All proceeds will go to the restoration and rebuilding of Old Abilene Town.

Ghost Hunts in Kansas