A small, abandoned cemetery located in one of Chicago’s southwest suburbs, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery has a reputation for its supposed ghost sightings.  The small and desecrated graveyard supposedly has more paranormal activity than any other cemetery in the world, which makes it one of the most famous haunted cemeteries in the country.

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Ghosts Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Chicago is not a place for the faint of heart. The desecrated cemetery is the center of several ghost stories, some of them outlandish, and it is always the focus of many ghost hunters from the US and countries outside the United States.

The abandoned cemetery has headstones dating as far back as the early 17th century although it was only made an official burial ground in 1844. It is reported that satanic rituals are often held there and this adds fuel to the fire of paranormal events on any given night. Orbs are objects abundant in pictures and videos were taken in the cemetery.  It is guaranteed that almost everyone who goes to the cemetery will witness an orb or two.

Famous Chicago psychic Ken Melvoin-Berg encountered the ghost of a young boy who has left quite an impression on him. He and a reporter from the Chicago Tribune visited the graveyard in 2006 when he encountered the spirit of a young boy who was very persistent. They clearly heard the child’s voice crying out to them telling them that he had lost a silver coin.

Ken, the psychic, momentarily went into a trance and headed toward a pond that was filled with filthy green muck. He entered the water and when he was knee-deep he touched the bottom and slowly lifted a small object covered with mud. It was a 1942 Walking Liberty half-dollar coin! The coin was exactly where the spirit said it would be.

Several ghost hunters and experts have tried to dissect the cemetery and answer why certain things in the cemetery exist. One of the most famous sights in Bachelor’s Grove is the large ghost house. It has been captured on video and on film. When someone wants to get close to the house, it instantly vanishes into thin air.

Red streaks of light have also been seen in the cemetery since the early 1960s. These red lights sometimes follow people rapidly and also show up on video footage as orbs. However, the largest amount of reported ghost sightings is that of the transparent image of a spirit lady. She wears a white dress and is seen at the eerie old graveyard, on top of a tombstone, and looking in the direction of the thick woods. She has been dubbed “The Madonna of the Bachelor’s Grove”.

There are many legends that surround the cemetery and there is speculation that the spirit got its name from a large number of men who are buried there.

Brief History

The land which surrounds the cemetery was originally a settlement of English homesteaders who moved from New England. The actual cemetery was actually named Everdon Cemetery after the original owner of the property, Samuel Everdon. The cemetery originally started with 82 plots. The site is often reported to be a dumping ground for victims of organized crimes in Chicago. However, there is no evidence to support this claim.

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