Although this one-time hotel is now closed to guests, the building is still being used, mainly as an event space and retail center. However, this doesn’t mean all the guests have left!

There have been reports both from staff and visitors about ghostly activities in the building, including spiritual energy and full-bodied apparitions. Back when it was a hotel, a guest, who was staying in Room 136 with her husband, upon waking one night reported seeing an apparition of a woman standing in the room. The woman said she felt no fear towards the ghost, as she was overcome with a calming sensation. She asked the ghost who she was and what she wanted from her, before watching her vanish before her.

Apparitions had been reported in several guest rooms by past guests and staff alike, as well as in several other locations throughout the building. People also often report strange noises and the feeling of being watched.


The Owyhee Plaza Hotel was built in 1910 by two architects, Hummel and Tourtellotte. The building’s original plan was for 125 rooms in six stories. However, today it only has 99 rooms.

Back in 1910, the hotel boasted of various amenities and one of the most popular was the rooftop garden. It included a restaurant, dance floor, bar and sometimes, a live band. It became a hotspot until 1940. The hotel’s top three floors were bought by the Ore-Ida company in the 1960s to be used as corporate headquarters. In 1992 it was purchased and the whole building was used solely as a hotel.

The building is now used primarily as a business center, with event facilities, retail shops, and apartments.

Things to Do

There are several things to try and enjoy in Boise, Idaho. When in town, you should not forget to head to the Discovery Center of Idaho. This educational center is a must-see, especially for children. The center has a science museum that features interactive and hands-on displays.

The Boise Art Museum has provided people with an imaginative excursion for 70 years. The museum has 15 galleries and it offers various activities for children, as well as adults. There are tours and annual events too. Zoo Boise was established back in 1916. The open-air zoo has more than two hundred animals originating from all over the world. The zoo offers special discounted prices on Thursdays.

The Warhawk Air Museum features artifacts and memorabilia from World War II. If you get hungry from all the touring, you can always go to Tres Bonne Cuisine, which is a restaurant that serves some of the best Russian and German food.

Room Tariffs

  • Standard king rooms start at $90
  • Standard two queens rooms start at $100
  • Deluxe king starts at $100
  • Deluxe two queens start at $110
  • Courtyard budget rooms start at $70

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