A camping site for adventurous people, who wish to get away from the stress of modern life, The Brig at Farragut is also a good place for an encounter with the paranormal. Is it really haunted? This is a question which is for visitors to answer.

Various individuals who have come to the Brig report seeing full-body apparitions and objects which move about by themselves. Although no one knows exactly who or what is haunting the jail, most of them believe that the apparition was wearing uniform of some kind.

The Brig is believed to be the site of a homicide and at least a single suicide during the Second World War, when Farragut was still a military base and a home to over 300,000 men. The Brig is the site of various apparitions, all described in detail by visitors, as well as state employees. Most of the employees who have described the apparition worked in the brig building, which was also the maintenance building for a good number of years.

All of those who have met or encountered the ghostly visitor said they saw balding man who seemed to be wearing possibly a prisoner’s garb. Other people who did not see the apparition talked about objects flying across the cells, as well as large objects being “relocated”.

Brief History

The Brig at Farragut State Park in Athol was once a former naval training center and was also an old military jail. It is presently a camping site which people frequently visit. Made of concrete blocks, the Brig has an inner courtyard and a square design. It is one of the few structures which remain from over 700 buildings which made up the Farragut Naval Training Station during the Second World War. It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The facility was built in response to the bombing of the Pearl Harbor by the Japanese forces. The buildings and most of the structures were constructed in just 11 months by more than 20,000 civilians. It cost more than $100 million. The Brig served as a confinement facility for naval recruits who were unruly. It had barred windows and gates, as well as jail cells.

Today, aside from being a camping site, The Brig is also a favorite place of people who want to participate in winter sports such as sled and cross country skiing during the cold months. For those who have a penchant for history, the Museum at the Brig is the world’s second largest naval training station.