River Raisin National Battlefield Park, Monroe, MI

Is River Raisin Battlefield Haunted? Hundreds of Americans were killed during the War of 1812 and this gave River Raisin a grim reputation. Battlefields have been known over time for various paranormal activities because of the many lives lost and River Raisin lives up to its claim of being one of the most haunted places […]

Mackinac Island, Lake Huron, Michigan

Is Mackinac Island Haunted? The Moral Re-armament Building, one of the buildings on the island, was donated to be used as Mackinac College and one of the island’s most famous ghosts was one of the school’s students. The ghost is said to be a flirt with women and a practical joker with men. According to […]

Detroit Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI

Is Detroit Masonic Temple Haunted? One of the most popular ghosts of the temple is that of George D. Mason himself. Several guests, who have been to the temple, as well as the building’s night patrolmen, are said to have seen his ghost. The temple has various cold spots and doors are reported to close […]

Felt Mansion, Holland, MI

Is Felt Mansion Haunted? Several hauntings are said to occur in the mansion and naturally, the mansion’s most popular ghosts are its previous owners, Dorr and Agnes Felt. They are said to wonder in and out of the rooms of the mansion and people believe that because they had a limited time on Earth to […]

Traverse City State Hospital, MI

Is Traverse City State Hospital Haunted? Traverse City State Hospital operated for more than 100 years and during those years many stories have evolved about restless spirits and patients who never checked out of the hospital. The hospital now stands in solitude and in disrepair and one could look through the windows and see the […]