HauntedRooms.com became a reality in early 2009 in response to the public’s ever present interest in the paranormal. Primarily a hotel directory, HauntedRooms.com offers people the chance to experience something spooky first hand, whilst also enjoying the luxuries of staying in a hotel.

Many other hotel directories tend to concentrate on the the view from the room, the food, or whether there is a TV or internet connection. While all those things are good to know before you book a stay anywhere, what really sets a hotel apart from the rest for us is how many ghosts it has, which room number the dark shadow can be seen in, and where the transparent girl is seen playing.

We have haunted hotels, haunted inns, and other haunted accommodation listed throughout America, all with many reports of ghostly activity. Together with all the info you would normally see on a hotel listing such as images, features, and room tariffs, hauntedrooms.com is unique as we like to spend time writing about the history of the buildings and the ghosts that haunt them!

Whether you’re a skeptic or a true believer, hauntedrooms.com offers you the chance to possibly experience something paranormal in some of the most haunted hotels throughout the US.

If you want the chance to spot a ghost or two and enjoy the added benefit of a break away, then you’ve landed in the perfect place.

Enjoy your haunted hotel experience and try not to scream too loud!

The Haunted Rooms team