Sweetwater Mansion, Florence, Alabama

Sweetwater Mansion Haunted?

There are many stories about various paranormal activities that are said to take place in the mansion. Countless apparitions have purportedly been seen in the grounds. The story of the caretaker who claimed to have seen a casket with the body of a Confederate soldier, laid in one of the rooms downstairs is one of the most interesting. She believed that she saw the body of one of the sons of General Patton, whose funeral was held in the house. The mansion has been featured in A&E’s Paranormal State in 2011.

There is a room in the house which inexplicably tends to lock women inside. One of the mansion’s caretakers, Emmet Lettie Region, was so terrified of her experience that she would only live in two rooms. The house also has a mysterious area which is called the “secret room”. It has no door and can only be accessed through a small interior window. It is believed that two of the sons of the former owners were buried in the floor of the secret room.

Investigators have captured numerous photographs documenting strange anomalies. One photograph was that of a distinct shape of a Civil War soldier outdoors on the property one evening. During the taping of an episode of the show Paranormal State, investigators saw a door move by itself and they also heard footsteps. A large piece of the ceiling tile also flung itself across the room.


Sweetwater Mansion was designed by General John Brahan. He was a veteran of the War of 1912 and he owned more than 4,000 acres of land in Alabama. The mansion got its name from the creek and it was first occupied by General Brahan’s son-in-law, Robert Patton.

The mansion’s basement once served as a Civil War hospital and had also been a county jail. There are rumours of someone who once lived in one of the room upstairs who practiced dark magic but many believe this to be untrue. The mansion has been listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

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5 thoughts on “Sweetwater Mansion, Florence, Alabama

  1. Maryrose Siemens says:

    i just saw a segment of Sweetwater Mansion on Paranomal State with Ryan Buell…i really want to see this place…i am not too far from Florence, Alabama..as i live in Huntsville, Alabama…going to have to talk my daughter Erika in taking me. lol

  2. Paul says:

    Would love to investigate this place with my team .. How would I go about getting permission to do so ?

  3. Dena MENZ says:

    I know at one time they were going to fix it up. However, it has been permentely closed. Not sure if they ran out of money, or the spirits ran them out.

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