Poasttown School Ghost Hunt, Middletown, OH – Saturday 29th July 2017


Event Time: 8pm – 2am

You’ve read about it, and you’ve seen it on TV, but do you have the nerve to join us at one of the eeriest locations in Ohio? We’re going to walk the haunted hallways of the Poasttown Elementary School in Middletown, Ohio, a place so scary that investigators have actually abandoned their gear and fled the place until they can return by the light of day. What spirits linger here? The ghosts of students past – or the victims of several tragic train wrecks that have occurred nearby? You might find out for yourself during this terrifying night!

The now unincorporated community of Poasttown – about one mile north of Middletown – was laid out in 1818 by Peter Post, the town’s first postmaster. Originally called West Liberty, the name had to be changed since there was already a community by the same name in Ohio. Everyone agreed that it should be named in the postmaster’s honor and it became Poasttown (with unusual spelling) in 1848. A few years later, the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad was built just north of the village, making Poasttown a shipping station. The Poasttown School – officially the Madison Township School — opened in 1937 near the railroad tracks, replacing an old one-room school that had served the community for many years.

The school was eventually closed in the 1990s and while there is no record of anyone dying there, scores of visitors, ghost hunters, and curiosity-seekers have experienced the supernatural within its 54 classrooms. Several theories have emerged as to why the former school might be haunted. Some believe that the spirits of children who once loved the place have simply refused to leave – but others point to darker reasons for the lingering haunts.

There were two train crashes that occurred near the site that would someday become the Madison Township School – one in 1895 and another in 1910 – and historians believe that the land on which the building now rests was used as a makeshift hospital site for the 1910 wreck. That crash was considered one of the worst railroad accidents in Ohio history. When a passenger train and a freight train collided, 24 people were killed and another 35 were seriously wounded. Could the spirits of the victims be the source of the school’s eerie sounds and paranormal encounters?

Many believe so, especially those who have experienced the strange happenings that occur within the walls of the school. Numerous visitors have recorded mysterious voices, heard footsteps, tapping sounds that can’t be explained, and have witnessed moving objects and full-blown apparitions. It’s an unnerving place, even for the most hardened investigators.

Do you have what it takes to search for the spirits of the old Poasttown School? Will you join us as we walk the halls of this former place of learning – and learn what happened to make the place so haunted? What really happened here to make the ghosts stay behind? You just might find out for yourself – if you’re brave enough!


July 2017