Maley Manor Ghost Hunt, Covington, TN – Friday 25th August 2017


Event Time: 8pm – 2am

Join American Hauntings in Covington, Tennessee (near Memphis) at the Maley Manor Bed and Breakfast – a former funeral home that is home to not only southern hospitality, but the lingering spirits of yesterday. Come along as we search for evidence of the ghosts that have remained behind for decades and perhaps come face-to-face with occupants of yesterday.

Originally built by Robert S. Maley in 1922, the Maley Funeral Home was the new location for an undertaking business that had started in Covington back in 1890. The large, sprawling building continued as a funeral home until 1976, when the business relocated across town. During its time in operation, the funeral home prepared thousands of local residents for their eternal rest. In recent years, the house has been restored as an acclaimed bed and breakfast with all of the furniture, décor, and trappings of another era. Guests have come from all over the country to spend the night, see the local sites – and experience the resident ghosts.

When the new owners took over Maley Manor, they extensively restored the place and some believe those renovations may have “stirred up” the hauntings in the house. Guests began reporting vanishing objects, phantom footsteps, and even apparitions of the dead. The owners were skeptical of the stories at first, but soon discovered that the old residual memories of the past were very much alive in the present.

Join us for an evening of history and hauntings as we go behind the doors of Maley Manor and search for the lingering ghosts. The night will include a history of the house, followed by a serious investigation of the home’s most active spots. It’s sure to be an unnerving night among the relics of the past!


August 2017



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