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Widely considered to be the most haunted place in the country, and quite possibly the world. You can’t throw a rock in Gettysburg without hitting a haunted house, pub, battlefield, or museum. Thanks to one of the country’s bloodiest battles, Gettysburg really does carry a dark vibe, one so chilling it terrifies even the most hardened of paranormal experts.

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The Burgh is known for being one of the most haunted cities in Western PA, once described as “hell with the lid off”, it’s speaks for itself. From over a century old buildings, to haunted cemeteries and abandoned ghost towns, Pittsburgh has its fair share of chilling hauntings.

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The city of Philadelphia, or City of Brotherly Love as it’s perhaps more affectionately known, is actually one of the oldest cities in the United States. Its rich history means it’s a relative paradise for ghost hunters from all over the country, and the world!

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Pennsylvania is a hotbed for paranormal goings-on, and that’s particularly true when it comes to haunted accommodation. If you’re brave enough and spontaneous enough, you’ll want to spend a night in one of PA’s most haunted hotels. Are you ready? Let’s read on and get you booked in!

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Image of the haunted Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s 12 Most Haunted Locations

If you’re looking for something more than the manufactured haunted attractions and ghost tours that the Keystone State has to offer, then there’s no better way than to dive right into a real paranormal investigation in one of the most haunted places Pennsylvania has to offer! Let’s go ghost hunting together shall we? Warning: Be sure to always obtain permission if needed as some of these locations are private property.

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Located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, the Gem City is full of beautiful nature preserves, great food, and of course great water activities. However, like its namesake, when the sun goes down it’s a creepy place to be. The city is indeed full of haunted locations.

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With buildings dating back to the mid 1700’s, and a history dating back even further, as with anything this old, the White Rose city is of course full of haunted locations. From inns and museums, to prisons and cemeteries, York PA has it all.

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One of America’s oldest cities, Lancaster is home to many long-forgotten mysteries, fatal curses, legends, and ghost stories. Start your search for a place to investigate and discover hauntings dating back 300 years!

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