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The Oklahoma metropolitan area is a real paranormal hotbed. From haunted hotels, to haunted bridges, schools, and even zoo’s! The spirits don’t seem to be fussy in OKC, with a wide variety of locations the forever home for those long dead.

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Tulsa, aka. the “Oil Capital of the World”, claims to be home to several of OK’s most haunted locations. From haunted theatres to historic houses, the old town of Tulsa is rich in paranormal happenings.

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7 Most Haunted Hotels in Oklahoma

Like some other states, there’s a haunted place to stay if you look hard enough. Well, with Oklahoma you don’t have to look that hard at all. There are several haunted hotels just waiting for your reservation. In fact, one of the most famous haunted hotels in country calls Oklahoma home.

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Oklahoma’s 11 Most Haunted Locations

Whether you’re a paranormal expert or just an enthusiast, the haunted sites in the Sooner State will either leave you terrified and running to the exit or bursting with adrenaline and excitement of encountering something paranormal first hand!

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