Ohio has become well known as a paranormal hotspot thanks to the presence of several very high profile haunted locations. Many of these are located within the Cincinnati area, so if you plan on visiting you are probably going to want some haunted accommodation too!

Let’s get a little closer and examine some of the most haunted hotels in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Golden Lamb Inn

The Golden Lamb Inn is a charming and historical hotel in the North East area of Cincinnati. Believed by many to be one of the most haunted places in Ohio, it was founded back in 1803 which actually makes it the oldest inn in the state!

Over the years, the Golden Lamb Inn has played host to a variety of well known guests including the likes of Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Henry Clay and no less than 12 presidents! In fact, each one of the inn’s rooms have been named after one of its more prominent guests! You will also find one room which is simply called ‘Sarah’ which is named after the ghost said to be inhabiting the room!

Sarah is the first of two ghosts that are said to inhabit the Inn. It is widely believed that she was the young niece of a former manager at the inn named Isaac Stubbs. However, this seems odd given that Sarah the ghost is a young girl, but Stubbs’ niece lived to be an adult. Regardless of this, many locals say that it is indeed Sarah!

Others tell a different tale. They claim that the young ghost girl is actually Eliza Clay, the daughter of former Secretary of the State Henry Clay. This would make more sense considering the fact that Eliza did die in the hotel in 1825 from a very high fever! Whichever girl the ghost truly is, she is seen mainly in Sarah’s Room and appears as a young girl dressed in a white nightgown. She is known for knocking pictures off of the walls, stomping her feet and generally just making a lot of noise!

The other spirit that is believed to be haunting The Golden Lamb Inn is thought to be the ghost of Charles R. Sherman. Charles was an Ohio Supreme Court Justice Who Died at the inn in 1829. His apparition has been described as being a gaunt, gray looking man and he often appears in the hallways of the inn. His appearance is usually accompanied by the smell of cigar smoke, which is unable to be explained since the Golden Lamb is a no smoking establishment. Charles was known to enjoy a cigar, so the smell does make sense in connection to him!

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Hilton Netherland Plaza

One of the most haunted hotels in all Ohio, has to be the Hilton Netherland Plaza. Anyone who decides to spend the night here will stand a chance of an encounter with the famed ‘Lady in Green’ who haunts the halls. Her story is a tragic one that highlights a wife’s eternal bond with the husband she loves. Apparently the woman’s husband died prematurely in a tragic accident. He was one of the men working construction when the hotel was built in 1930, but he was killed in a workplace accident. His body has never been recovered and she now wanders the hotel, still looking for her lost love.

She is frequently spotted in the Hall of Mirrors and wandering the hotel’s mezzanine level. A large number of the sightings of The Lady in Green seem to have come from the construction workers involved in renovating the property in 1983. Many of the construction workers saw her while working there, perhaps she was drawn to them because they shared the same profession as her beloved husband?

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