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Lincoln, also known as Husker City, and the Capital of Nebraska, is home to a wealth of attractions and museums. It’s also a University City with an active and vibrant atmosphere. There’s a more sinister side to Lincoln however, with many of the state’s most haunted locations situated here…

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Omaha, like many other midwest cities, it isn’t taken seriously when it comes to haunted locations. However, the Gateway to the West has countless real haunted houses to make even the most hardened skeptic question everything!

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Argo Hotel Crofton, Nebraska

4 Most Haunted Hotels in Nebraska

If you’re feeling brave and want a greater chance to experience something paranormal, go ahead and book one of Nebraska’s most terrifyingly haunted hotels! many of these hotels claim to still house guests even after death, with tales and ghost sightings going back generations! If you want to get a good nights sleep, then you should avoid the hotel on this list!

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Nebraska’s 12 Most Haunted Locations

From Lincoln to Omaha, Grand Island to Bellevue, the Cornhusker State is full of spooky stories and scary hauntings. Without a doubt there’s a haunted place for you to explore near to you. now lets learn more about the most haunted hotspots in Nebraska…

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