About the Location

Having been featured on numerous television shows and publications Beattie Mansion has quickly built up its reputation as one of the premier haunted locations in Missouri.

Built in 1854 by Armstrong and Eliza Beattie, they both lived there until their deaths in 1878 and 1880, respectively. Eliza never bore any children, and as a result, the mansion ended up in the hands of the Ladies Union Benevolence Association for the use of a home for the elderly, homeless, and those of ill health, whom society could not/would not care for. It carried out this service for over 100 years, up until it began its time as a group home for the mentally ill, and those who took part in substance abuse.

Hauntings of Beattie Mansion

It wasn’t until the current owners took over the house back in 2004 and work on the house began that activity really started to amp up. During numerous attempts to renovate the mansion, contractors would claim they saw or experienced things in the house, and simply refused to return to finish their work! Some of the most common reports from the workers were the sound of disembodied voices, seeing shadow figures, and even full-bodied apparitions!

The most active spirit in the house is believed to be Eliza, who is often seen lurking on the 2nd floor. Beware, she does not seem to be too fond of men! The spirit of Armstrong has also been seen roaming the house, often accompanied by a disturbing whistling! In one of the rooms off the 2nd-floor hallway, there have been many experiences with at least one child ghost who has been captured yelling and laughing! There are more child ghosts roaming the house, backed up by the presence of waste high shadow figures in the kitchen area. It’s not just child ghosts in the kitchen area, there’s also the spirit of a tall man that has been walking through the kitchen!

The majority of the ghosts in the house do seem to be of good intention, which can’t be said for the dark male entity that resides in the basement of the property! He’s been seen charging around down there taunting guests with his maniacal laugh that will send the most hardened investigator running for the exit! That’s not all down there….he’s also accompanied by a man in a white shirt and overalls who likes to look out of the basement window into the parking lot.

If you’re brave enough to venture into this building you may experience being scratched, prodded, grabbed, or pushed! Are these spirits simply trying to make contact with the living, or do they have more sinister intentions?

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