On the surface, Miss Molly’s Hotel is the very definition of an adorable western-themed bed and breakfast. Featuring eight rooms, all of which are decked out in various degrees of authentic western décor, a night at Miss Molly’s Hotel is often like walking back in time into the city’s past.

However, its quaint appearance and friendly demeanor hide a considerably darker history, one that saw the hotel degenerate from its boarding house origins to a speakeasy and eventually a bordello. Alongside this fall a certain mysterious darkness has befallen this hotel, where ghostly entities manifest and play games with the living.

Step inside Miss Molly’s Hotel and you’ll be brought back to another place and time, one where not every denizen may have left for good…

A Storied History

The development of Fort Worth as Texas’ cattle hub put it on the map, but it was the advent of the railroad that truly saw the city’s expansion boom. With many cowboys and associated businesses attracted to the area, Fort Worth was soon an in-demand spot for development by the early 20th century. One of the prime forms of real estate in demand were hotels and boarding houses, and many businesses came in to fill the void.

One of these was the Palace Rooms, a two story boarding house built in 1910. It was an admirably run business, but with tough, changing times in the early 20th century, certain adjustments had to be made. During Prohibition, the Palace Rooms was renamed the Oasis and served as a speakeasy. By the 1940s, its name was now the Gayatte Hotel, a bordello that predominantly served cowboys and others in town for the livestock trade.

Its years as a bordello were a dark time for the property, with many ill spoken deeds and rumors of some of the ladies of the night having met unfortunate fates.

This unfortunate period of its history wasn’t to last, though. Eventually, Texas cracked down hard on prostitution, and with the operators of the Gayatte Hotel busted, the building fell under new ownership. Once it was bought, new owners split the floors into two businesses, the Star Café on the ground floor and Miss Molly’s Hotel on the second.

Though the businesses were now reputable, many who have passed through the hallowed doors of this bed and breakfast have reported a distinct darkness still pervades its halls.

Echoes and Memories

With Miss Molly’s Hotel considered one of the most haunted buildings in all of Fort Worth, you would expect a variety of stories to come from within its walls. You would not be disappointed.

Over the years, Miss Molly’s Hotel has been host to sightings of a number of full-bodied apparitions. While many of these sightings have been indistinct, merely pale, floating figures walking the hotel’s halls, a couple of distinct spirits have been seen over the years.

One such entity is that of a young girl, maybe eight or nine years old, sometimes seen in the former owner’s rooms. Often believed to be a former tenant of the hotel, not much is known about her or her origins.

More distinct was the spirit seen by one hotel guest who woke up in the middle of the night to find an alluring and pale blonde woman sitting on the end of his bed. Given the hotel’s former history as a bordello, it is believed that this spirit belongs to a former working girl, one who may have met an untimely end inside the hotel.

Mysterious & Mischievous Phenomena

The restless ghosts that call Miss Molly’s Hotel home are responsible for more than just the occasional sighting. In fact, if stories are to be believed, several of these entities are often up to unseen mischief.

Among typical haunting fare, Miss Molly’s Hotel is home to an inordinate number of cold spots and unexplainable shadows that often turn up in photographs. Further, there are the mysterious smells to consider, some of which are described as smelling like toilet water, while others smell distinctly of women’s perfume that may hearken back to the days when Miss Molly’s Hotel used to be a bordello.

Beyond those classic haunting signs, though, are some truly strange tales of the goings on within Miss Molly’s.

Some of the hotel’s entities seem fond of playing games with the guests, taking their belongings and moving them to different locations about their room. Others have described toilets banging and lights turning off and on at random as if by an unseen force.

However mischievous these spirits may be, there is one bizarre entity that actually caused one hotel staff member to quit.

The Tipping Ghost

You can’t always rely on hotel guests to be good tippers, but Miss Molly’s Hotel has one famous guest who’s an even more famous tipper. The problem is, though, they appear to have never left the hotel.

One ghost has developed a penchant for leaving coins behind in recently cleaned rooms, apparently as a tip to the cleaning staff. This odd behavior became so frequent and even more distressing for one hotel cleaning lady, that rather than take her chances of working in this haunted hotel, she up and quit her job to be on the safe side.

Rather than let the ghosts drive the staff mad, we highly recommend tipping the cleaners on your own.

Fort Worth’s Legacy

While a ghostly encounter can’t be promised by sheer virtue of spending a night in Miss Molly’s Hotel, it is still a fun and beautifully themed hotel in the heart of Fort Worth. Whether you’re a paranormal enthusiast or a fan of old western décor, Miss Molly’s Hotel is bound to have something to whet your appetite while you’re visiting the city.

Just be sure to keep an eye on your belongings and tip the staff, otherwise one of Miss Molly’s restless spirits might decide to have some fun with you.

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