The Masquerade Nightclub, Atlanta, GA

Reported ghosts

There have been countless stories of hauntings in the Masquerade Nightclub in Atlanta. One popular story is that of a large and tall black man who is always seen walking around the nightclub. The staff believes that it is this man who turns the musical amplifiers every night.

The staff has also reported hearing footsteps from unidentified sources, as well as cold spots all throughout the building. Horrifying screams can also be heard coming from the back of the stairs even when there is no one there. They believe that the screams come from the young woman who died in a freakish accident in the nightclub.

Nowadays, there are rumors that real vampires come to the nightclub and even live there.  Some people believe that this rumor has been spread to promote business as vampires have become suddenly very popular thanks to Anne Rice and Twilight. There is a higher chance of visitors encountering wannabe vampires than real vampires when they go to nightclub.


The Masquerade Nightclub in Atlanta has interior and exterior grounds which once belonged to a former excelsior.  Today it has indoor and outdoor concert spaces and live music can be heard playing from the venue every night. Metal rock, punk rock, electronic and indie rock can be heard playing every night.

The building where the Masquerade Nightclub stands today was once that of the Dupre Excelsior Mill. It is believed that the building was built as early as 1980 by the Dupre Manufacturing Company. The mill was expanded after the Depression but after the Second World War the demand for excelsior was reduced and by the 1960s there was no demand for excelsior anymore. The mill was then transformed into a storage facility and by 1977 was shut down completely.

It became a pizzeria in 1978 and closed for a time in 1989. It was subsequently reopened as the nightclub that we see today.

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One thought on “The Masquerade Nightclub, Atlanta, GA

  1. C J O'Hara says:

    Yes – my girlfriend and I went to see The Dandy Warhols and some entity was playfully blowing in my face and around my head. My girlfriend asked what was up (I had a funny look on my face) and I told her something was blowing on my head and face. She blew-it-off but when we went to the bar for a drink, it blew directly in her face. 🙂 It didn’t feel menacing — but playful. We saw 2 guys walking in the same location and were looking-around like I did…. They were having the same experience (and the ceiling is high – so it wasn’t an air duct or a practical joke.)………………. SO, a bit later, I went downstairs to the restroom. On the way back up the stairs I heard screaming sounds and I ran up the stairs, since I thought the band had entered the stage, only to find that nothing was going on yet! 🙂 (What’s going to happen to the ghosts when they remove the building?)

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