Old Licking County Jail, Newark, Ohio

Newark, Ohio may not be the first place that people want to visit when traveling through the state but the city does hold tremendous appeal. People taking the time to investigate the area will find that there is more to the city than they may have initially thought. Newark is home to multiple parks, landmarks, […]

Mansfield Prison (aka Ohio State Reformatory), Mansfield OH

Mansfield Prison, also known as Ohio State Reformatory is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Ohio – if not in the entire United States! There are countless tales of strange occurrences that are believed to be the work of restless spirits of both former inmates and prison guards alike. The walls […]

Franklin Castle, Cleveland, OH

Franklin Castle Haunted? The ghosts in Franklin Castle are numerous and paranormal investigators will never be left wanting when they come to the castle. There is a small room near the rear of the house where a baby’s skeleton was found. The baby was supposedly the victim of an inept doctor and several people have […]

Mudhouse Mansion, Fairfield County, OH

Mudhouse Mansion Haunted? Mudhouse Mansion has a dark reputation not only among locals but also among paranormal enthusiasts nationwide. There are many local tales and legends as to the origin of the haunting in Mudhouse Mansion. One legend says that a government official lived there after the Civil War and kept slaves. It is told […]