Lake George Regional Park West, Skowhegan, ME

Lake George Haunted?

It is reported that there is a paranormal force which lurks within the cabins of the camp. A story goes that there were four kids walking along the woods when they chanced upon a cabin. Curious as to what the cabin had inside, the two kids lifted the smaller one to take a look to see what is inside the foggy windows. There was a game room in the cabin with chairs folded up. However, when the other kid went inside to have a look for herself what she found was something very different than what her friend described. What she saw was a large rectangular table with all the chairs perfectly seated around it.

Various paranormal and poltergeist are reported in the grounds all throughout the year. Many people have witnessed the strange otherworldly fog and strange apparitions. Others have also noted objects arranged in a certain formation to completely change after they turned around for a minute or two.


Lake George Regional Park can be found in the historical manufacturing town of Skowhegan. The town is indebted to the Hon. Abner Coburn for its prosperity.  He was the governor of Maine from 1863 to 1864. He also served as the president of the Skowhegan Savings Bank and director of the Maine Central Railroad.

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