A Haunted History of Cheesman Park, Denver CO

Denver’s Cheesman Park is a popular spot for tourists and local families alike and it is easy to see why. There are 80 acres of beautiful lush green park nestled in an urban setting, bordered on 3 sides by private homes. The park was created in 1907, but prior to that the land actually served […]

The Lakeview Cemetery Ghosts, Buhl, MN

A haunted hotspot where numerous visitors have reported unusual occurrences, the Lakeview Cemetery in Buhl opened in 1913 and still exists until today. If you are courageous and daring, the cemetery deserves one visit in a lifetime. Ghosts of Lakeview Cemetery One of the most frequently reported ghosts in the cemetery is that of a […]

St. Paul’s Cemetery Ghosts, Chestertown, MD

Located off the Sandy Bottom Road, St. Paul’s Cemetery is just like the pictures you see on postcards. Historical and haunted, it is a must-see when you go to the state of Maryland. Ghosts of St. Paul’s Cemetery Tallulah Bankhead, an actress, is the most popular ghost in St. Paul’s Cemetery. People say that if […]

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Ghosts, Midlothian, Chicago

A small, abandoned cemetery located in one of Chicago’s southwest suburbs, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery has a reputation for its supposed ghost sightings.  The small and desecrated graveyard supposedly has more paranormal activities than any other cemetery in the world, which makes it as one of the top cemeteries to visit. Ghosts Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Bachelor’s […]

Union Cemetery, Easton, CT

Reported Ghosts of Union Cemetery, Easton The White Lady is undoubtedly the cemetery’s most famous apparition. She has been sighted by numerous witnesses, even by the police force and firemen. Various photographs of her have appeared over time and even equally popular paranormal investigator Ed and Lorraine Warren have claimed to have captured her on film. […]

Central City Masonic Cemetery, Gilpin County, Colorado

Reported Ghosts It is reported that every 5th of April and 1st of November, there is a beautiful woman wearing a black satin dress who appears and lays flowers on the grave of John Edward Cameron. John Edward Cameron died on the 1st of November 1885 and there are a lot of rumors regarding the connection […]